Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why I hate Tom Brady...

Yeah, yeah, everybody knows who Tom Brady is. The GQ cover boy of the NFL. The star quarterback with the model wife, blah blah blah. But let me be real honest here.....I loathe him. Now I could post all the million reasons why I don't like him like, because he's from Michigan University, he's won multiple Super Bowls, he's beat the Colts in the playoffs, and that ridiculous chin dimple. But I won't.

No today's rant is about him being selfish. Here's the thing. This past weekend the Patriots played the Bengals in Cincinnati. Coming into this game Tom Terrific had a streak of at least one touchdown pass in his last 52 games. In other words, for the last 52 games Mr. Perfect threw a touchdown pass, inching his way closer to the all time record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass. But last Sunday it was not to be. Now I give credit to the Bengals defense, they played a great game. But here's reason # 1 million and 1 of why I hate Tommy.

With his team trailing 13-6 late in the fourth quarter the Patriots found themselves with a first down from the 1 yard line. The Patriots tried on first down to run the football across the goal line with no success. So on the next three attempts the man with the million dollar right arm attempted a pass. All three failed and the Patriots lost the game.

Now, from the outside looking in I can only speculate as to what it looked like, but to me, it looked like the Patriots, made every effort to keep the Golden Boy's touchdown streak alive rather than actually playing to win the game. HELLO, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME (Herm Edwards). I mean, my drunk mother could fall forward for a 1-yard touchdown. How's about the Ol' Quarterback Sneak you douche-canoe.  

So why is that selfish you ask? Well I'd like to say because Team first, yada, yada, yada and all the stuff the athletes say, but more importantly because he's on my Fantasy Football team and he only got me 3 points this week. Thanks a lot TOM. Just another reason to keep on hating you.