Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well I guess this is growing up...

There's a lyric in a song by Blink 182 that says; Well I guess this is growing up.

I feel like this has been me and my life for the last month. Up until now I've never really felt grown up. Sure I've been able to make grown up decisions, but I'm not talking about being 18 or 21 and the decisions and responsibilities that go along with those ages. No, I'm talking about being A Grown Up.

This month I've seen people close to me in the hospital with heart failure. People lose jobs they've been at for years, and a life long marriage begin to crumble. I've seen babies graduate high school and my own clowns reach age milestones. Life is happening all around me, and I'm not sure I'm prepared.

Watching my clowns grow up reminds me of an easier time. A time when I was younger and things like death, financial burden or divorce didn't happen, or happened to other people anyway. It was kids I went to school with or neighbors my parents told me about, not people that affected me. Maybe it was just easier because these things are grown up issues and I wasn't supposed to know about them? Either way, life was easier then.

I guess I'll just be thankful for what I have, and for the moment because you truly never know what's around the corner.  After all, I guess this is growing up.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Workers must wash hands before returning to work...

So the other night we're out celebrating one of the clowns birthday and at one point the boy had to go do the 2. So, just like I do at every restaurant I've ever been to with the boy, I hang out in the bathroom while he drops the boys off at the pool. It's not something I'm proud of, but unfortunately there are a lot of weirdos out there and he's six, wattcha gonna do?

So while I'm standing there stalking you people on facebook on my phone, some douchtard walks in and strikes up a conversation. Nothing major, just simple pleasantries. Which I'm sure he was wondering what I was doing just hanging out in the men's room readin' y'all's status updates about how you're kid's the best, you worked out, or whatev.

Anyway this guy finishes up his business and without washing his hands walks over to the hand dryer and begins using it. He gives his hands a few rubs, says adios and out the door he goes.
Now it took me a few seconds to understand what just happened, and maybe you didn't catch it either. I said this guy finished peeing and went directly to the hand dryer. I'm no Sherlock Holmes but I'm pretty sure he peed on his hands and just dried them off. Heck, I think John Holmes could have figured that one out.  C'mon man really?

So it's bad enough that we had to follow this guy out of the bathroom, but I never really looked up from my phone the whole time, so I'm not 100% sure he didn't work there....Good thing we were on our way out.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pick Your Poison...

The other day I was listening to the radio and the debate was brought up about would you rather be shot, or stabbed? I'm not talking about being shot or stabbed to death. Just in general if you had to take one which would it be?

Keep in mind that I've never been shot, nor stabbed other than by maybe a fork at the dinner table, so my thought process has nothing to do with experience. But:

I gotta belive that with being shot the pain would be quick. It's a quick shot. Bang. Sure it'd hurt like crazy, but the pain would be quick, then I'd think you'd sort of be numb all over.

Stabbing seems more personal to me. It also seems like the pain would be two fold. Pain going in, then maybe a different pain when the blade comes out. I don't think the pain would be all over, maybe just in that area.  

But I gotta say, I think I'd take the Shank.

How about you. If you had to pick one which would you pick. Getting shot, or Getting stabbed?


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Japan Pictures...

Ok so here are a few pictures I took while on my trip to Japan. I've got lots more, but my computer is slow and takes forever to download these pics. I'll post more soon. I apologize I know some of these suck but what can I say, I'm not the photographer in the family. 
This is some of the food we had on our first night out with out Japanese Members. They call it a Lunchable. There is 4 different fish types in the box. The meat on the right is "beef".....I think
Tokyo at night we were on the other side of the Japan river looking back at the city
This is the raw squid I ate. It was in some sort of marinade. It didn't taste bad, but was like eating a rubber hose.
There were only 6 of the 13 of us that went to Tokyo. This is outside one of the famous Temples there.
They have vending machines all over the place in Japan, and the amazing thing is that they all work. They also dispense hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks on the top and hot coffee and tea on the bottom.

Here is one of the cans of coffee. It actually comes out of the machine hot. On the right is the Tokyo Bridge at Night.