Monday, August 29, 2011

Table for Five Please

Hey Lifers...

So today I'm giving my review of a Historic Indiana Landmark, Zaharakos (Zuh-HARE-uh-koes). This historic ice cream parlor has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, "Everything Old is New Again", and can be found downtown Columbus Indiana. 

We visited the parlor on Sunday afternoon hoping to grab some lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of an old time ice cream parlor before heading up to Indy.  Among other things, Zaharakos has a wide variety of soda fountain drinks with all different flavors. I had a Vanilla Coke. The girls had some sort of Orange something, while the boy had a Green River thingy. The DW got a diet.

When we walked in it felt like like we had just completed a quantum leap. The atmosphere was great. Just like an old time diner. There were soda fountains along the wall, music playing in the background, and people sitting and eating lunch at the counter. 

Our hostess took us to our table which only seated four. See the problem with that is, there are five of us. When the DW asked if we could be moved we were told no. That other tables were reserved, and for some reason we couldn't push two tables together.

At this point my DW must have been delusional with hunger, because this is where she usually grabs somebody by the shirt and slaps them silly until she gets them to listen to her. But on this day she just politely sat down while they brought another chair to accommodate our party of five.

So we put in our order and listened to the organ all the while being squished, sitting elbow to elbow.

 The kitchen seemed to be pretty slow, but not so slow that we had to start eating the young. I ordered the homestyle hamburger with a cup of chili.

The flavor of my hamburger was actually pretty good, but I'm not sure it was beef. It just didn't have the texture of ground beef. Now maybe it was but to me it seemed a little chewier than beef.

I also had a cup of chili that Mini-me shared. It tasted a little like Steak n Shake chili to me. There wasn't a lot of flavor to it and it was greasy. The boy really liked it though. I'm assuming that's because it was just tomatoe sauce and meat. It did have big chunks of beans and tomatoes, which I'm not a big fan of the chunks, and I like my chili to be a little spicier, but it wasn't terrible just bland.

Now I'll spare you all the details of the rest of our meal, but all in all the food was not worth the price. It's soups, salads, and sandwiches, not steaks and lobster. The seating is terrible especially if you have a larger family. You're actually paying for the atmosphere and the Historic experience.  If I were you I'd skip the meal and just try the deserts.


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kickin' It with Ninjas

Hey Lifers...

So yesterday was a pretty cool day around here. My clowns or as they are now known as my three ninjas had a promotion test for a new belt in their karate class. Actually it's Tae Kwon-Do, but whatevs.

Anyway, they've been going now for almost two months, and yesterday they had to test to move up. In case you don't know how it works let me explain. They have these moves and terminology that they have to memorize then perform in front of the instructor. If they pass they get promoted to a different colored belt until they reach the ultimate black belt levels.

So yesterday the 3 ninjas passed their tests, and to top it off, all three of them broke a board. Here are a few pictures of them.

Doing a cross kick to break his board

Getting ready to kick her board

Getting ready to break her board
After they got their new belts holding their boards

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Yo Lifers...

So today is the 20th Anniversary of the album Ten by Pearl Jam

This was one of the first CD's I ever bought, and let me tell you it didn't disappoint. Now I'm sure most of you know that this album was the spring board to Pearl Jams success. But it, along with Nevermind from Nirvana, really started the grunge movement for suburban yuppies like myself.

I first got this CD in my early 20's or so, you know, back when I was cool. Well......Ok so maybe back when I was younger anyway. So I sort of grew-up listening to this album.

So here's a little fact I heard yesterday about the band. Their original name was Mookie Blaylock, named after the basketball player, but was changed to Peal Jam because of trademark issues.

Now I'm not a die hard, know everything, love everything Pearl Jam geek, but I did listen to them and even went to one of their concerts.

So anyway, Happy Anniversary Ten.

So today ONCE you've had your BLACK, coffee and feel ALIVE, and decide, WHY GO?  I hope you have a day with a nice EVEN FLOW, no matter what you do. Maybe you hang out with a friend named JEREMY, visit some OCEANS, hang out on the back PORCH, or just pick veggies in your GARDEN. Whatever it is, don't get in to DEEP. But if you do, for crying out loud, have a RELEASE.


Even Flow
Why Go

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do you even want to catch Bigfoot????

Hey Lifers...

A little mid week humor for you all. Greg Warren. Bigfoot.

Do you even wanna find Bigfoot has sort of become the latest catch phrase around the Palace.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday, You Suck

Hey Lifers...

So yesterday for me, was the type of Monday morning that everybody talks about. It was the type of Monday that makes us all hate that day.

Over the weekend the DW decided to purchase a new coffee maker. Thanks to all those who participated in the Facebook poll and for helping her, um I mean us, decide what kind she, we wanted. 

Anyway, she decided on the Keurig.

So we got home pretty late on Saturday night, and didn't get a chance to fire it up. So Sunday morning the DW loaded it up and we had sweet coffee bliss.

I'm getting to my point about Monday, just bare with me.

Sunday night I ask the DW if the coffee maker is ready to go for me in the morning. Now again, I didn't actually use the coffee maker on Sunday. I didn't read the instructions, and I really had no idea what to do. I knew something about the little cup thingy and putting my cup where the pot used to be, but after that I was a little fuzzy. I guess I thought the DW would just make it for me for the rest of my life. Should have thought that one out a little more. Of course her reply was yes it's all ready to go.

Should have thought that one out a little more too. 

So I get up on Monday, now usually I don't fix myself coffee before work. But today was a new day, and I was drawn to those little gourmet refills like Charlie Sheen is addicted to.......Huh. What's Charlie Sheen Not addicted to?

Anyway, I had to have a cup. So I get up, and the entire time I'm getting ready I'm thinking about this coffee. I know sad right, but it was Monday morning. Right before I'm ready to leave I turn on the coffee maker. I put in my cup of liquid love push the button and......nothing.

OK no big deal. The other day you had to let it warm up right? I'll wait a few minutes here...wait....push button again....nothing. What? Open the lid, check the cup. Close the lid, push the button...nothing.

Now I'm trying not to make to much noise or turn on any lights because I didn't wanna have to listen to the DW complain later that day about how I woke her up at 5:30 in the morning, I'm a good husband like that. So I push the button again. Open the lid again. Still nothing.

Now at this point I wanted walk into that bedroom, flip on the light, kick the bed and yell at the top of my lungs: YOUR STUPID COFFEE MAKER DOESN'T WORK. I'VE GOTTA LEAVE AND NOW I CAN'T HAVE COFFEE. IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT IT'S 5:30 ON  MONDAY MORNING, BUT NOW YOU'VE SABOTAGED ME WITH YOUR STUPID COFFEE MAKER. FIX IT. FIX IT NOW.

But of course I didn't. I just went on my way. Oh I let my frustration be known though. I sent her a text later....after she got up.

Turns out it didn't have enough water.

Well that's another fine mess you've gotten me into Ollie.

I hate Monday mornings.


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a little off the top please....

Hey Lifers...

So Saturday evening we're getting ready to head out for the DW's birthday dinner. All the clowns were getting clothes on, hair combed and shoes on. I was in the back of the Palace when suddenly I hear middle clown start bawling.

I've learned over the last seven years that middle clown wears her heart on her sleeve. She can cry just from someone accusing her of something. No seriously, I accused her just the other day of doing something she didn't do and she started crying. So anyway.

I emerge from the back and we pass each other in the hallway. I ask her what's wrong? I.. wa.. di.. ha.. cuz.. it.. mom. Woooo. Slow down and stop crying.

Yeah this is going nowhere fast.

So I asked the DW, and it turns out she cut her own bangs.
Now this is not my clown, and she didn't cut it this bad, but apparently she had some hair that was in her face and decided she'd take care of it.

I immediately texted my mom and told her. My mom knows all to well about kids cutting their own hair. As a kid I think I cut my hair maybe three or four times. The most memorable was when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade and I cut my bangs the night before our school pictures.

So you see... it's in her blood.


Tell me Lifers. You ever cut your own hair as a child?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Hey Lifers....

Today is the DW's Birthday...Happy Birthday Baby.

So the clowns and I decided we would go out and get her something for her B-day. We decided we wouldn't tell her where all of us were going, we'd just sort of leave. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she figured that one out.

Now I feel as though since my clowns are still early in their birthday gift giving careers, it's my duty to somewhat steer them towards a gift that the DW would actually like. However, part of me wants to just let them get her whatever they want. But I figured she didn't need any Hot Wheels, baby dolls, or DS games this year.

We get to the Evil Empire and one of them decided that she needed some new jewelry, because she doesn't have much. Hey, I was just surprised they were actually thinking of items she would want. So we head over to the jewelry. Now because nothing is too expensive for my girl, we hit to the costume jewelry. They start out with necklaces. The oldest wanted to get her a peacock necklace. Turns out that was a little more for her than for mom, and everything the boy saw he claimed, this looks like something Aunt T would wear. She's very fashionable you know.

So after a bathroom break. Did you think we would get in and out without one? I tried to talk them into getting her some make-up, or some nail polish. The girls were on board as long as I kept the peacock necklace in mind for the oldests' next birthday.

But the Boy. No such luck. The boy had picked out a long necklace that had some pearls and gold chain wrapped together. He was dead set on getting this for her. He was sure she'd love it. 

The girls finally settled on some lipsticks. I got her a camera in case you're wondering. We grabbed some cards, and made our way back home. We dashed inside and began wrapping them. I let each of them wrap their own gift, it wasn't pretty but it was from them.

This morning we awoke around 7:30. I tried to keep them as quite as possibly until she woke up. About an hour later she got up and we gave her our gifts. The clowns were happy and excited to give her the gifts they were just sure she'd love. And of course she does.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's not what you say, but how you say it.....

Hey Lifers...

Recently Mini-me has discovered a new way to give me a heart attack. Keep in mind he's five. You see he's figured out that the WAY you tell a story makes all the difference. For instance.

The other day I'm dozing off chillin' in my chair as the clowns are doing whatever it is they do. He pokes me on the arm and says:

Dad there's a grasshopper in the dishwasher.

Frantically I jump up. Now I'm not sure why I was frantic, or why I jumped. I mean it's only a grasshopper right? But none the less. I rush over expecting to find some type of critter in there.We don't live in a neighborhood, so it's not uncommon for bugs or critters to find their way inside. Anyway, I look around...Nothing?

 Where is it? What are you talking about son?

Yeah it was in there yesterday.

The problem is, because the DW and I often pass each other coming and going, it's hard to get a straight answer when my sources are under the age of 10. Like:

Dad the cat got out.

What? I say running toward the doors looking for the cat . Are you kidding me

No really he did.

Mom had to go outside and get him today.

Thank you son.


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Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Lifers...

Now I know most of you that live here have by now seen the video and heard the stories, but for those who don't live around here, just wanted to share this.

This is the video of a tragic scene at the Indiana State Fair. There was to be a Sugarland Concert this past Saturday night. Storms rolled in right after the opening act and before Sugarland performed.

I believe there have been 5 confirmed deaths, with many more taken to the hospital.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Not Porn..

Hey Lifers...

So I've been pretty busy this week, sorry for the lack of posts. I know how much that bothers you all...

This past Monday I started a new position at work. I've been looking forward to this move for the last couple of months. It's one of those deals where another department needed to fill a position and I interviewed for and got the job. Only bad thing is, I had to wait until my current position was filled before I could transfer over.

So anyway I'm in a new position starting this week. Which as we all know when we start on a new job there's the honeymoon period. You know you're trying to make a good impression, learning the ropes, and trying to remember how to fill out the TPS Reports.

Now most everybody that I know, knows that my DW is an awesome photographer. However not everybody at work knows, and now that I'm in a different position even less of my co-workers know.

So today one of my co-workers asked me about her business. How's it going, what type of camera does she have, yada, yada, yada. I jot down her web site address and tell him to check out some of her work.

Like I said my DW is awesome. I'm very proud of her work and the countless hours she puts into her craft. She does the typical wedding photography, family portraits, seniors, babies, and boudoir portraits.

So this guy goes to her web site and checks it out and obviously shared the link with another lady we work with. No big deal right? Later this afternoon we have another meeting.

Keep in mind, I've been on this job now for exactly 4 days.4 days people. That means my current supervisor, and this group of people have worked with me for like 32 hours. 

So there's 6 or 7 of us around the conference table, and as soon as this clown gets done presenting, he looks at me and says:

Hey man so do you get to go with your wife on the boudoir shoots? Said in my best Joe Dirt voice, like he's 13 or something.


So I try to be cool, and calmly say no sure don't.

Look, my DW is a professional. Her work is tasteful and beautiful. Her clients love what she does. Her clients husbands love the work she does. I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed of what she does, however I don't exactly think it should be discussed during a meeting at work with the office 13 year old, AND NOT IN FRONT OF MY SUPERVISOR WHO HAS KNOWN ME FOR ALL OF 32 HOURS!!!!. you DB.

Then the lady with whom he shared the link decides to help the situation by saying:  

Oh I went and looked at some of those pictures and they are amazing. Just beautiful. I had to quickly close it out though because, you know? Well, you know, I mean it's not porn or anything but...


So I'm pretty well convinced at this point that my new boss thinks the DW dabbles in the Porn. So much for making a good first impression.....


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Monday, August 8, 2011

Consumer Report

Hey Lifers...

So a week or so back our coffee maker at the Palace decided to take a crap. Now me being the handyman that I am, I figured I'd tak'er apart and see what's up. Yeah I'm sort of the Schneider of this place.

So I took it apart and thought I had it fixed. Which technically I do. I mean, the purpose of the coffee maker is to make hot coffee right? Which it does. But it sort of shoots hot water up through the reservoir, and you loose about 2 cups during the process, but whatever. It would have been OK, had the DW not been the recipient of said hot water shooting up through the reservoir and on to her foot. Now in my defense, she did have the lid open when this happened. But I digress.

So I learned the other day that I'll be getting a new coffee maker soon. You see my DW has a routine when it comes to buying something new for us that over the course of our almost 10 years of marriage I'm starting to figure out. Yes I said starting to figure out...What can I say she's complicated.

It typically starts with her complaining about said product for a few weeks. Nothing major just the little, this thing stinks, or this is a piece of crap type complaining. That usually morphs into the products kiss of death. This is when she utters the phrase, I loathe it. Like, I loathe this coffee maker.

After a few I loathe this thing, it moves on to the Facebook poll. You know something like, Hey people what type of phone does everybody have? Or what type of car does everybody drive? Does anybody else have Dish T.V. Something like that. 

After she finishes her version of The Consumer Report, this is when I find out what I'm getting. The other day I found out we will be getting a Keurig coffee maker. What can I say, the people have spoken.


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Truckin', like the Do-Dah Man...

Hey Lifers...

So if you follow my blog page on Facebook, A Day in the Life,  then you know I've been on the road the last couple of days. I had to travel down to Tennessee for business purposes.

During my six hour drive I discovered satellite radio. I know, I know, hey welcome to the future cave man. Maybe I should phrase it as the rental car I had actually had satellite radio. We don't have it in our cars. So it came in pretty handy driving through these mountains.

I also discovered that I could totally be a truck driver. The open road, warm sunshine, the hum of the freeway under my feet. OK maybe that's the satellite radio talking, after all it is Friday Night.

I think the worst part about being a truck driver, besides the stereotypes, for me would be having to poop.

You see I'll go to a gas station to make a quick pit stop when I have to do the one, but noooooo way am I stopping at the nearest Speedway to do the 2.

So then you have to drive around until you find someplace that is fairly clean right? That is if you don't go to an actual truck stop. And in my book that's just as bad as the Speedway.

Now you're driving around looking for a McDonald's or a Chick-fil-A that accepts truck parking. So you pull the rig into the parking lot, head inside and make a B-line for the bathroom.

Then after you're finished you have to try to slink outta there because you know the 16 year old punk behind the counter saw you come in and now he's seeing you leave. You know he's going to make fun of you for just coming in and going to the can. So you have to at least order a coke so he thinks you came in for more than just to crap.

Yeah come to think of it, maybe being a trucker isn't for me.


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Don

Hey Lifers...

This is our cat. He looks so peaceful and content doesn't he? About a year or so ago he stumbled into our backyard. He was so small I thought he was some grass blowing in the wind. He's been in our house every since.

But for our purposes tonight I'll call him Donnie Brasco.

This evening I go out to get some mowing done. Soon after, Mini-me decided to come outside looking for me. When he opened the door Donnie Brasco here, decides to shoot out the door, thus turning his back on the family. Said in my best Vito Corelone voice. In case you don't know he was the Don in the movie The Godfather. 

So the cat zooms out the back door and quickly can't be found. Now for me I say, seeeee yaaaa. But the clowns are pretty tore up. They all three come outside looking for the cat. One has his treats in her hand, while another is holding a piece of turkey. I guess he thought maybe the cat would smell it or something? I don't know. Now again for me, I've got no real investment in this cat. I mean if he decides to leave big deal. Just means no more litter to clean. He's got his claws and he's been fixed so aside from catching a mouse or two out here, what's he really bring to the table anyway? So I go on about my business weed eating around the house.

At one point Mini-me stops me and asks, dad do you even care that the cat left? To which I felt it would be best if I was honest and responded, not really. I mean, I've got stuff to do and it's not like we're looking for Big Foot here, it's a cat. More than likely he'll come back.

Well about dinner time I came in and saw my oldest sitting, staring out the window, so I decided I'd take a look around.

Turns out that after dinner he walked right up to the front door and the clowns let him in. Of course they were all just as happy as could be that he came back.

image credit
As for this Don.. that cat is dead to me.


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Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School

Hey Lifers...

So I have nothing interesting or funny to write about today. No today is sort of a sad day for me. Well maybe sad is not the right word. More nostalgic I guess.

You see my clowns start school tomorrow. This year my oldest will be in the 4th grade, and my youngest will be starting pre-school. Usually when the clowns go back to school it doesn't faze me in the least, but this year is a little different.

I know the ol' your only as old as you feel crap, but let me explain a little.

You see we have a little radio that sets in our kitchen. We don't use it much, just when the DW and I are playing cards or a game or something. Yes from time to time we actually enjoy each others company.

So anyway the other day my oldest asked me if she could take the radio and put it in her room. Which she did. That night all three of them were in their room having a dancing party. Now I told them that  I like dancing parties too, but they wouldn't let me in. Apparently they've been warned, informed of my dancing skills. 

OK so no big deal right? So they're listening to a little music right?

Except this is the first time that they've ever wanted to listen to music on their own. I mean when we're in the car or cleaning they have no choice really. They listen to whatever the DW and I listen to. But this. This is just the beginning of them staying in their room all night long with the stereo cranked up as loud as it will go. I mean, it won't be long before I'm beating on the wall yelling you dang clowns, turn down that racket. I don't know how you stand it up so loud. I can't even hear myself think out here. Boy that sounded like that old dude from UP didn't it?

And then tonight after Karate we stopped and had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell, and all three of them ordered off the adult menu.

Don't you see what's going on here People. They're growing up. They're getting older. Everybody always says that once they get in school the time just flies by. And it's started. It's happening. It's happening right now. Do you know what this means? Do you?

That's right. Only 12 more years until... THEY'RE GONE. 


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