Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Don

Hey Lifers...

This is our cat. He looks so peaceful and content doesn't he? About a year or so ago he stumbled into our backyard. He was so small I thought he was some grass blowing in the wind. He's been in our house every since.

But for our purposes tonight I'll call him Donnie Brasco.

This evening I go out to get some mowing done. Soon after, Mini-me decided to come outside looking for me. When he opened the door Donnie Brasco here, decides to shoot out the door, thus turning his back on the family. Said in my best Vito Corelone voice. In case you don't know he was the Don in the movie The Godfather. 

So the cat zooms out the back door and quickly can't be found. Now for me I say, seeeee yaaaa. But the clowns are pretty tore up. They all three come outside looking for the cat. One has his treats in her hand, while another is holding a piece of turkey. I guess he thought maybe the cat would smell it or something? I don't know. Now again for me, I've got no real investment in this cat. I mean if he decides to leave big deal. Just means no more litter to clean. He's got his claws and he's been fixed so aside from catching a mouse or two out here, what's he really bring to the table anyway? So I go on about my business weed eating around the house.

At one point Mini-me stops me and asks, dad do you even care that the cat left? To which I felt it would be best if I was honest and responded, not really. I mean, I've got stuff to do and it's not like we're looking for Big Foot here, it's a cat. More than likely he'll come back.

Well about dinner time I came in and saw my oldest sitting, staring out the window, so I decided I'd take a look around.

Turns out that after dinner he walked right up to the front door and the clowns let him in. Of course they were all just as happy as could be that he came back.

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As for this Don.. that cat is dead to me.


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  1. Okay, as a cat lover, I kinda side with your kids, though I do get you not being invested in the cat. And he IS a pretty cat. But I love the way you told the story!

  2. I like the cat/Godfather crossover. Very well executed! :-)