Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok so I'm writing this post a few days early, but I've been thinking about the new year, and I figure I'm only a few days away so why not.

So anyway, last year on New Year's Eve I was asked the question, What was my most memorable moment of the past year, and my least memorable moment of the past year? I sat there and thought. I mean I really thought. You know sometimes when we are presented with this type of question, we really don't think about it. We just make up something stupid or come up with some cookie cutter answer, but this time I really thought? What was my best and worst moments of the year?

Finally I had an answer. Nothing. Now here's the thing. Most people might answer nothing and really mean something but they're just to embarrassed to say, or they don't really feel comfortable saying what those moments might be. But for me I really mean I had nothing. Now the group I was with were like aw come on you have to have something from the past year that was good or bad? But I didn't, and like I said, I really gave it some thought.

So here's my explanation. As I've mentioned, I live a very boring (by most standards) life. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, my DW, my clowns, and the things I have. But I am also a very conservative person. I don't travel, unless directed by my job. I don't take big risks. I don't spend my money gambling on boats or on the strip in Vegas. I don't drink my weekends away at wild clubs or parties rubbing elbows with the who's who of the town.

So I have a pretty boring life. I work, take care of my clowns, do housework, make sure the grass is mowed and the trash taken out. I do these things on a daily basis. I am the typical Ward Clever (he was the dad on Leave it to Beaver for those of you who have no idea who that is), but you know those words have stuck with me all year..What was your most and least memorable moments of the year? So I guess having Nothing, is not exactly a bad thing really. I mean at least I didn't have some horrible moment in the past year that I wanted to forget, or something that will stay with me forever. I wasn't in a car wreck, no house fires (although I tried with the mower), no deaths, didn't have to bail anyone out of jail. So I guess those are all good things right?

The problem see is that I didn't have any good things to mention either? I didn't save anybody from a house fire. Didn't rescue anyone, didn't get my name in the paper for being a local hero, didn't buy a new car. No promotion at work, no new job, no milestones of any kind.

Now this question was asked last year, and my answer was basically nothing, and as this year draws to a close and I think back about those words...what is the best and worst thing that happened this past year, again I really have nothing.

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution guy, so I won't vow to do this more, or do that better, but I think this year will be different, and when this question comes up next year around this time, I hope to have a better answer then..Nothing.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Hangover

Ok so it's been a few days since I posted something. The DW got on the blog today and made a comment that she couldn't believe I'd gone this long without posting something, so I figured I'd better get something up here tonight.

It's been a busy busy Christmas. We had Christmas Eve with my in-laws. We didn't get home until late. When we did get home we got the clowns in bed and began our Christmas prep. The DW and I are pretty lucky. Our clowns don't get up at the crack of dawn to open presents. In fact the DW had to actually wake them up this year, and that wasn't until around 8:30 or so. My brother and sister have clowns that are a little older then mine, and they get up before the sun on Christmas day, so I'm glad mine sleep in. I can remember when we we're little we would get up pretty early too.

So we got up and had Christmas here at the house. The clowns cleaned up of course. After presents were all opened they kept going from one thing to the next, asking if we would get it out and open it. The living room was a mess. Nowhere to walk or move. That's what it's all about though right? They had a pretty good Christmas.

Later that afternoon we packed up and headed to my brothers house for Christmas with my family. I love going to my brothers house for Christmas. We used to have it at my parents house, but our family just kept getting bigger and bigger, and we very quickly out grew their house. So my brother has graciously had us all over for the past maybe four or five years. It's great because he has a big house and all the kids can play in the living room, while the adults can all sit round the table and play games and eat, and eat we did. At least I did.

So the last couple of days we've been out running around, taking gifts back, taking the clowns to spend their gift cards, and things like that, each night getting home late. So today we've decided to do nothing. Which we pretty much have managed. We've watched some kid movies, the DW and I took a nap, or what it the adult version of a nap when you have 3 clowns running around.

Well so I guess tomorrow we'll get back into a routine again. At least as far as the house is concerned. Like I said, we haven't done much, so I guess tomorrow is back to the dishes, the laundry, the housework, you know all the things that have to be done, that we've put off the last few days. Well I guess it was fun while it lasted. Maybe we'll try to find a place for all these new toys too.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

So today was the last day at work for 10 days. It's nice that we get a little time off for the holidays. The plant actually shuts down for that time between Christmas and New Years. So that's a nice little perk.

So today about 15 minutes before I'm getting ready to leave for our Christmas shutdown, my boss comes up to me and says that I've been selected  to go visit a customer in Iowa upon my return to work? What??? When? First thing Jan. 3rd. Are you kidding me? Nope. For how long? About all week, maybe back on Friday. I felt like Chevy Chase in Christmas vacation when he opens the envelope for his Jelly of the Month Club.Merry Christmas to me.

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We always go to my Mother and Father in-laws for Christmas Eve. Believe it or not sometimes I actually think it's to short. I mean when I was a kid it seems like we stayed at my grandparents all night long. As kids we couldn't wait to leave because we knew the sooner we got out of there we could go home and go to bed.I know everybody there has things they need to do and get ready for the big day, but it just seems like some years we rush through the day.

Well so I really have nothing much to say tonight. I've really been thinking about making some career changes though, and not just because I have to go to Iowa, although that does strengthen my argument. I think I'm finally to the point were I've had enough and it's time to start thinking about moving on and finding something different. I mean if not now then when, right? And what better time then the first of the year right?

Ok so on a side note, I made the Superbowl of my fantasy football league. Woot Woot. This is only my second year playing, so I don't think that's to shabby. 

Well so anyway, that's about all I've got for this evening. I'm going to spend the rest of the evening with my beautiful DW. We're going to play a card game called Pounce. Google it. It's a lot like solitaire. I grew up playing this game, and through the years have gotten pretty good. My poor DW can not seem to beat me. As hard as she tries, she just can't. It's pretty funny because she can beat me in just about every other card/board game we play. So anyway have a great Christmas Eve, Eve. I know I will.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Ok so lets talk a little Christmas. Tonight I took mini-me to the store to buy gifts for his sisters, the DW and myself.

See I took him out because the girls have that Santa Workshop thing at school where they get to go and pick out some gifts for the family, but he's not in school yet so he didn't get to do anything like that. Now granted the gifts they get at the Santa shop are not the greatest gifts right, but they're their gifts.

So anyway, I had been telling him for the last couple of days that he and daddy were going to go to the store so he could pick out some things. So tonight was our night, and after dinner we headed out to get some presents.

Now to be fair, I took him to the dollar tree, which is where the girls Santa Workshop presents came from, so I knew we wouldn't be getting them something nicer then what they got all of us. After all we sent the girls with 5$ apiece, and they got presents for us all, so how nice could they be right, and anyway, that's not the point. The point is the giving right and not the cost, or the actual gift. The point is to teach them all about the giving.

So after I explained to him that we would not actually be going to Santa's Workshop, we took off. He did pretty well. He saw a coloring book that he thought Olivia would like, and she actually would, that's her thing. He saw some items for Emily that I tried to talk him out of, but he insisted on getting them for her. But then he saw some boy toys, and he got a little off track. You see he was supposed to be buying gifts for his sisters, Mommy and Daddy. He saw some action figures, a two foot sword, and a paper airplane that always comes back to you, and while I do think the air plane was pretty cool, I think he was thinking more of things he liked an not so much for dad. So I had him pick me out a hot wheels car instead. Finally he got the DW some lotion. There were three different kinds that he had to smell and decide which one he liked best. The first was ok, the second was an eww gross, and the third was so so. He decided on the first one.

So we paid for our gifts and headed home. Of course we weren't in the door two minutes and he told the DW what he got her. Nice.

A little later I had a chance to talk my oldest daughter and told her to remember that he's just a little guy and that he tried, and it's the thought that counts....yada, yada, yada, in hopes of preparing her for the gift he got her that I'm just sure she's not going to care much for. She explained that she understood and was ok with that. I told her that I didn't think he got her the greatest gift in the world, and again to just remember it was the thought that counts. Her response...that's ok, I didn't get him the greatest gift either.......


Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing Games

Ok so had Christmas with some in-laws last night. It was a nice time. I DW's parents are divorced so we split the Christmas's up with them. So last night we spent some time with my Father and Sister in-law. Nothing much really. Just the typical visiting, dinner, then presents, mostly for the clowns.

Ok so the real story today is Mario Kart. You know the game? See we have a Wii console and the other day we gave the clowns this game sort of as an early Christmas present. I'm not sure how one toy, one game can stir so many emotions. It's like a melting pot of emotions in my living room because of this game.

I've heard yelling because it was my turn to play. I've heard yelling because of the track. I've heard crying because it's to hard and because of loosing. I've heard crying because of not getting to pick the track, and I've heard the proverbial  "in your face" chant when someone won. Yep that's right, I play to win

No seriously, the clowns are driving me nuts with this game. So much so that when we first got the game and only had two remotes and steering wheels, and the DW said, I'm not listening to this for the next two weeks, I had to run out and get a new remote so they could all three play at the same time.

So at this point Christmas day can't come soon enough so maybe the newness of this game will wear off. Here's hoping.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Being a Fun Parent

So I have some in-laws coming over tomorrow for Christmas, so today naturally we cleaned. For me, I loved it. I'm the type of guy who likes a clean house. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a clean freak, I just like the house to be somewhat tidy. Well of course the clowns didn't like it. So anyway, not a very fun day for the clowns for the most part, until the DW decided she had had enough.

Now around my house I like to think that I'm the fun parent. You know the fun parent is the one that lets the clowns cut loose and have some fun. Which actually probably isn't true. I'd say I'm more of a stickler then the DW, but I am more of a clown. That is to say, that I joke with them, or wrestle around with them, cut up and make them laugh more. The DW is more of a let them stay in their Jammie's all day or eat in the living room, fix pop corn for movie night type of fun parent. So I guess we each have our own way of keeping things loose.

Well so anyway being a house of five we always have laundry, and it seems like we always have mounds of it. Now here's the thing about this laundry, we have a ton, and I mean a ton of socks, but the thing about it is not all pairs of socks get washed at the same time. Back in the day, I guess people actually sorted  laundry, but in my house, we stick it all in there. Only a few times have we came out with pink socks and undershirts. For the most part everything gets washed at the same time. So you can see that maybe you only get three socks washed in a load, or one, or five. Whatever, it seems like it's never an exact even amount. So what do you do with all those socks????

Well we just keep them in a laundry basket. That's right, we have an entire basket of the families socks. Now every once in awhile one of us will go through them and match all of them up, but who in the world has time for that? So anyway, if you need some socks just get them out of the basket.

So I mentioned that the DW had had enough today. We had been cleaning all day long, and she came to the sock basket. Now for some reason earlier I had gotten on her nerves (again, not sure why or even how that could happen???), and all of a sudden she starts throwing socks at me. Sort of like a snowball fight, only indoors with socks. Of course the clowns started getting in on the action and it was on. We started throwing socks all around the room at each other just as fast as we could.It was pretty funny, and a great idea from a fun parent.

I always talk about building memories with our clowns. Sometimes the little things we do make those memories. It was a fun little thing to do that sort of broke up the hum drum of cleaning today, and I'm sure the clowns loved it. Heck I loved it.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night

Yeah so I really got nothing important to say tonight. Not that I have anything to say of any importance any night, but tonight is just one of those nights where I just have nothing.

Today is Friday, so that means the weekend. This is the last weekend before Christmas so we pretty much have to get all the shopping done this weekend. The DW has been out pretty much all day today. She met me after work with the clowns, we swapped cars, and she went out again. Which means that daddy cooked dinner. We had pizza rolls, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets, and some fruit.

Now it's not that I'm a bad cook, because I can cook a few things, but I wasn't exactly prepared to cook you see. There wasn't anything set out to thaw or anything, so we just sort of made it work. 

Well so like I said, I really have nothing to say tonight. Since I've played Mr. Mom this evening, I think I'll settle down watch a ball game or two, and call it a night. I know pretty sad that here it is Friday night, and I'm ready for bed at 9~9:30. What happened to the good 'ol days of just getting the evening started at 9? I remember going out on Friday and Saturday nights, and you never even left the house until 9. My how times have changed. Not that I miss those days, but I do miss being able to stay up like that. You know that's part of the problem. It's not like I have to go to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow, I have to go to bed because my eyes won't stay open. You know the DW is more of a night owl, and it's nothing for her to stay up until midnight or later, and get up early and take the kids to school the next day.

Well ok now that I've rambled on about absolutely nothing, I guess I'm done.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So I guess it's no real secret that I work in a factory. I work in the office portion, but it's a manufacturing factory. I like to refer to it as the mill, the shop, breaking rocks, or the institution. I guess no matter what I call it it's not exactly something that I enjoy doing. I guess that's not a big secret either.

Now I get the whole only you can prevent forest fires thing, and I do believe that, but here's the thing. Today I had a group of people in and I was giving them the nickle tour of our plant. As we were walking and talking I asked the group if anyone had any questions or anything, and one of them replied, No I'm just taking it all in, I'm like a kid in a candy store.

I found this comment to be a little disturbing, and a little depressing and he's why. I find it disturbing because it's a factory. To me, it's a sort of, seen one seen 'em all sort of thing. I mean how can a guy get that excited about seeing people work on an assembly line? Was he serious? Do people really get excited about manufacturing? As I was thinking about his comments it brought me to the depressing part of it. I don't feel that way.

You see I get up and go to work every day because that's what I'm supposed to do, but I'm not passionate about my work, now I do my job and what's asked of me don't get me wrong, but there's no real passion involved. I really wish I was. I wish I could be excited about my job, and what I do. Again, I know only you can prevent forest fires. Which means only you can make changes. Only you can find what your passionate about and go for it. I get that. Believe me, I preach it to everybody I talk to, and maybe one of these days I'll get right on it.

So anyway, it just struck me today. I thought, there's something you will never here me say in here? I guess it works for that guy though, good for him. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Well so somebody mentioned to me today that Christmas is next weekend. I couldn't believe it. I was like what?  Next weekend? Where does the time go? You know every year we say we don't know how were going to get everything done. The shopping, wrapping, the baking, whatever it is, but you know it always comes together in the end. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. Maybe a little more this year then the last few.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday Night Madness

Ok so today is Tuesday, which means its time to ball. My league game doesn't start until 9 tonight, which means I'm going to be dragging tomorrow. You see I'm beat already and I've still got two hours before game time. Why am I beat already you ask? Well a little thing called Fantasy Football.

Yes the fantasy football playoffs started this past weekend, and let me tell you it was awesome. I know that sounds silly, but it really was a rush. You see I play in a league with the guys I work with, so there is a certain degree of bragging rights at stake here as well.

Now this past Sunday didn't start out to well for me. I was down early and had actually come to terms with the fact that I was going to lose. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I did it. In fact on Monday morning while my opponent was rubbing it in and talking about his match-up for the following week, I told our Commissioner how much I had enjoyed playing this year and that I would be back next year, even though I still had a few players playing in the Monday Night games. A few guys had told me stuff like it's not over yet, while others said they couldn't believe I'd lost.

So last night I didn't start my evening by watching the games. Again, thinking I was done. But right before I was heading to bed around 11, I decided to check online and see what the score was just to see what the damage was. To my shock and amazement, I was only down a few points. I quickly turned the t.v to the football game and decided I had to watch. Now I guess at this point I could have just gone on to bed and got the results in the morning, but who was I kidding. This was the playoffs, and I was only down a few points.  Well the game didn't end until after midnight, and in the end, I had won. (see picture..I'm team Stepdad).

Well I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe I had won. During the game, I was yelling at the t.v, and pacing the floor hoping that my guy would score some points for me. I'm sorry if you don't understand the concept of fantasy football, I'm sure at this point you're thinking, is he still talking about fantasy football?

So like I said, I won. It was an awesome feeling. So awesome in fact that right after that I tried to finally go to bed. Well I couldn't sleep. I was so jacked up from yelling at the t.v and wanting to win that I couldn't sleep once I finally got in bed. It took me over an hour to calm down and drift off to sleep. I know I know pretty silly, but whatever.

Which leads me to tonight. After getting about 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night, I'm beat. And tonight of all nights my basketball game is not until 9. Well it was worth it. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for the good of the team.  


Monday, December 13, 2010

I Had It

Have you ever just had something? You know like when you ask your clowns where they got that sucker or shirt or whatever it might be that you haven't seen before, and they say I had it.

Now my mom always claimed that us kids always gave her that explanation. Where did you get that gum...I had it. Or where did you get that money...I had it. Now clearly I don't remember this as being my only means of explaining my sudden riches of gum or money, but after hearing my own clown give me that explanation, I'm starting to believe that's the standard clown response.

So tonight Olivia was wearing some slippers that I didn't recognize, and I asked her, where'd you get those slippers Olivia?  Now before I go on here, let me say, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not the most observant when it comes to the clowns clothes. There are only a few things around here that I play the "Dad Card" on, and the girls clothes is one of 'em. I have no idea who's shirt is who's. What sizes they're wearing, who needs jeans, shoes, tights, whatever, (and don't get me started on hair and it's accessories). I just don't do clothes, and quite frankly I'm sure they're all glad I don't.My DW does a great job of making sure they have 'em and that they match.  

So maybe Olivia didn't understand the question tonight. I mean the look on her face sort of told the story. She sort of looked at me like she was thinking about the question and I think the conversation in her head went something like this:  
Does he mean what store did they come from,or is that more of a general question? Maybe he wants to know who bought them for me? Or maybe he wants to know who bought them and what store did they come from? Maybe he wants to know when I got them?Maybe he wants to know all the above including the date and time? Or maybe., oh forget it...then she answers...I had 'em. 

So I guess I can't blame her. Like I said, maybe that's the standard clown answer.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies and Movies

So today was a great Christmas Saturday. This was one of those types of Saturdays that you should have in December. The only thing missing really was some shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining about not shopping, but everything else about today made it feel very Chrismas-e.

Today the DW and I baked with the clowns. It was a cold and rainy day here, so we stayed in and baked cookies, listened to Christmas music and put together a little gingerbread village. Now I'm sure that if you've ever cooked, baked, or done just about anything that involves clown participation, then you know this can test your patience very quickly. I mean kids are kids, and sometimes they can be rambunctious, loud, and down right annoying. So just imagine three of them after they've eating what equates to about a pound each in sugar with the cookies and frosting, not to mention the candy that goes on those gingerbread houses. But for the most part, everything was good. The clowns had fun, and the DW and I didn't snap.

After dinner, we went to the movies and saw Rapunzel. It was a decent little movie. However it cost an arm and a leg to take a family of five to the movies these days, but they had a great time.

So in the end it was a good day. Nobody had to do anything, no work to be done, no prior arrangements made, and no real reason to leave the house. Just me and my little family, spending the day together.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Something New

So today I was rummaging through the blog world (you know me and my addition with blogs), and I came across one where this girl had a page called 30 before 30. She decided she was going to do, see, or visit 30 somethings that she hadn't yet in her life before her 30th birthday. You know sort of like a bucket list, only before a certain age. I like the idea.

She had all sorts of things on there from writing and singing a song to having dinner some place special.

So I've been thinking about my own sort of list. Now this gal was a single lady, so maybe she had a little more freedom then most of us, but I'm sure there are still things that I could think of that I would like to do before my next birthday, or by the end of next year?

Now naturally there are plenty of things I'd put on my bucket list. You know like, see the Grand Canyon, skydive or visit New York City type of stuff, but my budget is limited here, plus I have responsibilities you know. So my list might be a little less extravagant then others, but I think I'll start putting together a list of items I want to do before the next year is up, and then I'll blog about the event. I think it would be a fun project and who knows I might get something out of it.

So what about you? With the new year right around the corner, think about the things you said last January that you were going to do this year and you didn't. No time like now to start making a list right?


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Man on a Mission

Ok so I nearly lost my pinkie today.

Have you ever been on a mission that you just had to complete, however once you did your not sure why? Like why was that so important? Well that's sort of what today was like for me.

See we have one of those Little Tikes basketball goals in our house right. It's one of those that you can adjust from like 3 to 6 feet. Well mini-me just loves it. I've taught him how to shoot hoops, and the other night we learned about getting change. For those of you who may not know, getting change is when you make a basket you get the ball again and get to keep shooting until you miss. So anyway, I'm teaching him some aspects of the game, and he loves it. He asks me as soon as I get home if it's hoop time, or if we're going to play that basketball game again. So today when the goal broke, I was on a mission.

I also learned something today, broke to an adult and to a 4 year old boy, are two entirely different things. You see when I would shoot a basket (well of course I play too), the rim would fall down a little. Not much, but enough. We've had the stinking thing for about six years now, so I guess it's about time for it to start falling apart. Well anyway, it's been doing this for a few weeks now. Well today, I had the day off of work, and I had had enough, it was time to fix it.

So I studied the goal and how I could make improvements. I got that sort of Tim Taylor, Home Improvement look in my eyes. You know the one where you just know you can make it better with just a few adjustments here and there. I began taking inventory in my head as to what I had out in the man palace a.k.a garage that could be used to fix it. Soon I would begin my challenge, a challenge that my son would love and appreciate. A challenge that he would no doubt tell stories of one day to his children and his childrens' children. Ok maybe that's a little much, but at the very least I would be his hero for fixing it right?

So I got some tools and materials, and began. I told the boy it would be a few minutes because daddy was going to fix his goal. At first he didn't seem to mind, but as the project continued to drag on, as so many of these do, he grew impatient. So much so that at one point when I told him I was almost done and to just be patient, he told me, I don't want you to fix it, I don't care if it hangs down a little. And there you have it....

Shortly there after I cut my pinkie with a utility knife, maybe bad enough to get a stitch or two, but, like I said, I was on a mission. I was going to fix that thing if even if it was the last thing I ever did, and besides at this point there was no turning back.

So in the end, the basketball goal is fixed, well for the most part anyway. I got two blisters, a gash on my finger, and a son who quite frankly could have cared less. In hind sight maybe I should have just tossed that one out and spent the 45$ or so for a brand new goal. Better yet maybe I should have just gone with the wife's suggesting of buying some duct tape. After all in a man's world, if you can't fix it, duct it.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Girls and Boys

So today, was one of those days in life when you realize,  as much as you'd like, you just can't stop time.

You see tonight my kindergarten clown informed me that she has a boyfriend. Yes that's right kindergarten. Boyfriend. Then later tonight the DW had some picture samples of high school boys on them sitting out and she walks up, takes a look at them and clearly says, who are all these hot guys? 
Now I can tell you honestly that as a father of two daughters I am not looking forward to the boys who will no doubt be apart of my daughters' lives. So naturally I did what every other father of a 6 year old who is checking out boys would do. I told her she's grounded... for life. 

Now I realize she's in kindergarten and it's just one of those silly crushes we all have. I can remember being in first grade myself and having a girlfriend. So really the fact that she claims she has a boyfriend doesn't really bother me, it's more of the fact that I can't stop the inevitable, which is to say, I can't stop her from having boyfriends. 

The DW always says, I don't want them to grow up, I want them to stay little forever, but I've always said that I can't wait for them to grow up. What I mean is I can't wait to see them experience life. I can't wait to watch them grow up and do all those firsts. Except the whole boys thing. Not looking forward to those firsts.

I guess I know that the time will come when I will have to give my baby girl up to some boy, and truthfully I'm glad, because that would mean that she's found someone that makes her happy and wants to spend the rest of her life with. I just don't think I'm ready to go down that road when she's six.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Sucker Punched

Ok so have you ever heard the quote by Mike Tyson "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"? Well tonight I had a plan, then I got punched in the face.

You see today during work, I had a plan. After work I was going to work-out, go home probably watch some sports on t.v, and call it a night,  you know my typical Monday. Nothing new or exciting, nothing different. However my DW had other plans.

She calls this afternoon about 2:30 and says are you coming straight home after work? Now I've been married 9 years to this lady, I know how she works. When she says are you coming straight home, that means I've got something going on, but I don't want to come out and say it I want to see if your thing is important first.

So anyway, I tell her my plans, she then tells me hers, and then I find out ours.

Ok so that's not even the bad part. So we go to dinner after she's done with "her plans"...again her idea. I had just got done working out, so naturally I'm not exactly dressed for dinner, but oh well.

Here comes the punch in the face. While were eating she says I need to go get the girls some shoes for their Christmas concert. No problem we drove both cars. I'll just take the boy and go on home. Mini-me is on board with this idea, and all seems well. Wait for it......Then out of nowhere her left cross. Luke we're going to Target, don't you want to go look at the toys? 


Didn't see that one coming.Maybe daddy can take you to the toys while the girls and I look for shoes. Wow, she's fighting dirty.

So after dinner we all drove over to Target. The DW took the girls to look for shoes, and I took the boy to look at toys. Not how I planned on spending my evening.

Mini-me checking out the toys
It worked out ok in the end though I guess. The boy and I looked at the toys, and he showed me everything he wants for Christmas, and I do mean everything. So it ended up being some good daddy, son bonding time because we didn't have to look at any girl toys.

So, I get the everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face thing, I guess you just don't figure that punch to come from your own wife.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ok I'm going to try to take you through the events of this morning. Anyone who has clowns of their own knows exactly what this is like. This is what it's like around our family getting ready for church on Sunday morning.

It starts off with the DW and I being awakened about 7:30 by clowns that obviously do not know how to be quite. Fair enough..I'm up.

I fix breakfast (pancakes) and some coffee, soon there after it begins.

Me: Emily, get in here and eat your breakfast!
Luke get three cups for you guys and get the milk out.
Luke: I can pour my own milk dad.
Me: I'm sure you can Luke but just let me do it this time
Luke: (whining) Dad, I can do it ,as he attempts to pour a gallon of milk that weighs as much as he does.
Me: I know Luke but we don't have much time.
Luke: Dad where's my pancake?
Me: I'm working on it Luke.
Emily: I don't want syrup on mine. 
Me: Seriously you don't want syrup on it?
Emily: No
Me: It'll be dry
Emily: I don't care. 
Olivia: Dad can I have another pancake?
Me: Yes Olivia just a minute, I say in my, I want to scream because you clowns are already driving me nuts voice.
Me: Luke put down the cat! Did you already wash your hands?
Me:Then leave the cat alone. Go wash your hands again.
Uggh as he storms off.

 So we finish breakfast, and I tell the clowns to find something to wear for church.
Luke: Dad, can I wear this shirt (referring to the one he slept in)?
Me: No Luke find something else.
Luke:Again whining, but I can't find anything.
Me: Go look!
Olivia returns to the living room with a wrinkly shirt.
Olivia: Can I wear this?
Me: We'll have to iron it Liv. (a.k.a. put it in the dryer for a few minutes).
The boy brings out a shirt and some pants. How about this dad?
I quickly look to the DW for approval.
DW: If it fits it's ok.
Me: Try on the pants son.

While the DW helps the girls with their hair and outfits I quickly hop in the shower. I get out and get dressed just in time to hear.....

DW: Girls find a brush
Emily: Looking around for said brush. I can' find it.
Olivia: Also looking for said brush, is quick to throw her sister under the bus. I don't know where it is, Emily had it last. 

Finally the brush is located. Shortly there after there is this....

Olivia: Ouch, (whining)....Hold still honey. Ouch it's hurting. A mother doing a daughters hair is never pleasant.
Me: Luke put the cat down
Emily: Dad can I have a candy? 
Me: What? A candy? No you can't have a candy, are you kidding me?
Emily: But I'm hungry
Me: Then find something to eat.
Emily: Can I have a cookie?
Me: Oh my you can't have a cookie, find something good for you.
Luke: Whining holding up one shoe.I can't find my other shoe.
Me: Where did you find that one?
Luke: In the living room.
Me: Well go look in your room for the other one
Luke: (Whining) back to his room; returns with the other shoe.
Me: Olivia put the cat down!!
Me: Luke you need help?
Luke: I can do it
Me: Ok but the one your trying to put on goes on the other foot.
Luke: Oh
Olivia: whining
Me: What's wrong Olivia
Olivia: I can't get my shirt on
Me: Stop whining. If you need help then ask. Don't whine.
Me: Emily put the cat down!!!

This is just a little glimpse of the events that take place on a Sunday morning at my house. It's never a dull moment, and let me tell you after getting three clowns fed, dressed and ready t go, you need a little church time. 

So things sort of slowed down after we got home from church today. The clowns went outside and played in the snow, the DW had a session, and I did some housework and watched football. Again, just a typical weekend.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Date Night...

Ok so the DW and I had a little "date night" last night. Well I don't know if you could call it a date, we actually just did some Christmas shopping for the clowns while they were staying over at the in-laws, but it felt like date night.

So the wife and I went to dinner after work, and then some shopping. You know shopping's not my thing, but the night out was nice. We had a nice dinner where it didn't feel rushed and we didn't have to referee anybody, and we had some great food in a grown-up atmosphere. So it was pretty nice.

The shopping part wasn't to bad either really. The stores weren't so crowded that we couldn't move and we didn't have to wait in line for very long at any one place.

You know being a parent now and doing the Christmas shopping reminds me of when I was a child and my mom would do all the Christmas shopping for us. I don't remember my dad going out with her much at all, maybe he did and I just didn't see it, but I can remember my mom being out all weekend long from morning till dinner, shopping. We always had the best Christmases.

So anyhow the "date night" with the DW and I finished up last night about 10:30 when we finally got home. We both quickly got all the stuff in, got in our Jammie's, and plopped down. She in front of the computer, and I in front of the t.v. It only took about a half an hour before she was waking me up to say, let's go to bed. Seems like that's about the way it goes anymore where she's waking me up to tell me to go to bed. Like I said though, it was a good time just being alone with her for a change. Naturally we don't get to spend a lot of times with just the two of us, so even if it's just a few hours it's nice. It's nice to get to reconnect sometimes.

Married couples need that you know. I mean we spend every evening together with the clowns, have dinner, do homework, baths, dishes, laundry, housework, all that jazz, just to get up and do it all over again the next day, and sometimes it feels more like a school project then a marriage. Now don't get me wrong here. All I'm saying is that sometimes you need that date night to walk around the mall with a beautiful woman on your arm. It's not always about what you do on that night, but rather who your with.

So today will be back to all the things we do on Saturday's. Clowns, Housework, laundry, car repair (still having  issues), yada, yada, yada.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

School Uniforms

So the other day a friend and I were discussing school uniforms and whether or not we were for or against it. I quickly said I was all for school uniforms. He was not so quick to decide. Now when I was a child I was pretty quick to speak for my own individuality. You know like that's just me being me and I march to my own beat sort of thing. Now that I'm a parent I think I feel differently.

Now of course I think everybody is different, and I'm all for individuality, but I think when it comes to kids in school, uniforms are a good thing.

Statistics have shown that schools that have a uniform policy generally do better overall. Now of course there are still those kids that will act out. In my opinion uniforms equal discipline. It shows young people where the line in the sand is. There is no gray area, and anybody who knows me knows that I have trouble with that gray area. It also shows kids structure. Now most houses have structure I'm sure, but there are those who do not, and people, especially young people need structure.

Now I also understand the other side of this argument. That if we let the government start telling us how to dress what's next? This is PUBLIC School after all. I get that. It's a free country last I checked. I get that too. My kid should be able to go to school and have green hair if he/she wants, again, I get that.

Like I said, as a child, and even young adult with no clowns, I thought the very same way. That is what this country is all about right? Freedom. Freedom to express ourselves, freedom of speech. However I think people take these freedoms out of context. Yes we do have freedom of speech given to us thanks to our Constitution. However just because you have the right doesn't mean you won't pay the price for exercising that right.

Well so anyway, I know this is a topic that could be discussed for days and days, and I'm sure it has, but as I said now that I'm an adult and have clowns, I'm all for school uniforms. I want my clowns to get an education while in school. School and growing up is hard enough without having to have the right or cool clothes.

Again, just my opinion. Funny how our views change over time.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Dad and Cars

So I really had a great night tonight. Now if you'd been around here I'm sure you would not have thought that. So to understand tonight you have to understand the back story of me, my dad, and cars.

See my dad, every since I've known him, could fix any car, any time, any day of the week. Most of the time with his eyes closed. Yeah he's that good, although he doesn't do nearly as much car fixin' as he used to mostly because I don't live with him anymore, but also because he's older now and doesn't need or have to.

So my dad, while I was growing up, was always fixing a car. If not one of ours, then for someone in the family. Truth be told he is great at fixing just about anything. He really was blessed with a talent to understand how things work and the abilities to fix them.

So anyway when I was old enough to have my own cars, there was always need for maintenance. It turns out cars need oil to keep running...learned that one the hard way. So my dad would fix my cars. This usually would mean that I  "got to help" . Now for me at 16, 17, 18 years old, there usually were things that I would rather have been doing then "help" my dad fix a car, and I'm sure there were plenty of times when I didn't help and just expected him to fix it.
Nonetheless there were cars to be fixed.
So anyone who has ever helped a man work on a car you know this mainly consists of....holding something. Not really doing much of anything, but holding something, or getting some tools. 

Now for me my job was usually to hold the light, and of course I didn't hold it in the right spot and dad would have to reach up and grab the light out of my hands to get a better look, all the while chastising me for my half-hearted efforts. Or he would tell me to get a certain tool to which I had no idea what he was talking about and inside was wishing we could be done already.Inside I mostly hated it. It was either cold, or hot, or hurt my back, or boring..... Yes my dad and me fixed many a cars. 

It wasn't until I got older that fixing these cars (yeah I've had a lot of car issues over the years) really started to mean something to me. I really started to enjoy it. Not the car breaking down thing, but the time and the knowledge I gained. See over the years even just holding the light I guess I learned a thing or two about cars, and once I got older he let me do more and more of the actual work, which I really enjoyed. Again, it taught me a lot.

So present day. Tonight, I have a car issue. I call my father to get some advice before I begin. I've already gone through some of the steps he's taught me over the years, but still looking for some answers. He tells me what he thinks and we hang up the phone. I retreat to my garage mumbling and confused about this one. Pretty soon out comes mini-me. The DW said he wanted to come out and help. It was such an awesome feeling. Here was my son wanting to be with his dad, to share some quality time and fix the car. He wanted to learn, he wanted to get dirty, he wanted chip in and help......
Naturally I told him that the first thing he would have to do is, hold the light.

Now I get that he's 4, and he can't hold the light very well right now, but you have to start somewhere.

No seriously, it was cool though that he really did want to help daddy. We went to the auto parts store and got a part, and he almost stayed outside with me for like 5 minutes after that, but he got to cold and went inside.

I started this post be telling you that I had a great night. Sure we had car trouble, and that was stressful for a while, but I also got to start building memories with my son. The same type of memories I have with my dad, and I really cherish those moments in my life now.  Oh and I think the car is fixed.