Monday, December 13, 2010

I Had It

Have you ever just had something? You know like when you ask your clowns where they got that sucker or shirt or whatever it might be that you haven't seen before, and they say I had it.

Now my mom always claimed that us kids always gave her that explanation. Where did you get that gum...I had it. Or where did you get that money...I had it. Now clearly I don't remember this as being my only means of explaining my sudden riches of gum or money, but after hearing my own clown give me that explanation, I'm starting to believe that's the standard clown response.

So tonight Olivia was wearing some slippers that I didn't recognize, and I asked her, where'd you get those slippers Olivia?  Now before I go on here, let me say, I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not the most observant when it comes to the clowns clothes. There are only a few things around here that I play the "Dad Card" on, and the girls clothes is one of 'em. I have no idea who's shirt is who's. What sizes they're wearing, who needs jeans, shoes, tights, whatever, (and don't get me started on hair and it's accessories). I just don't do clothes, and quite frankly I'm sure they're all glad I don't.My DW does a great job of making sure they have 'em and that they match.  

So maybe Olivia didn't understand the question tonight. I mean the look on her face sort of told the story. She sort of looked at me like she was thinking about the question and I think the conversation in her head went something like this:  
Does he mean what store did they come from,or is that more of a general question? Maybe he wants to know who bought them for me? Or maybe he wants to know who bought them and what store did they come from? Maybe he wants to know when I got them?Maybe he wants to know all the above including the date and time? Or maybe., oh forget it...then she answers...I had 'em. 

So I guess I can't blame her. Like I said, maybe that's the standard clown answer.


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