Friday, December 10, 2010

Something New

So today I was rummaging through the blog world (you know me and my addition with blogs), and I came across one where this girl had a page called 30 before 30. She decided she was going to do, see, or visit 30 somethings that she hadn't yet in her life before her 30th birthday. You know sort of like a bucket list, only before a certain age. I like the idea.

She had all sorts of things on there from writing and singing a song to having dinner some place special.

So I've been thinking about my own sort of list. Now this gal was a single lady, so maybe she had a little more freedom then most of us, but I'm sure there are still things that I could think of that I would like to do before my next birthday, or by the end of next year?

Now naturally there are plenty of things I'd put on my bucket list. You know like, see the Grand Canyon, skydive or visit New York City type of stuff, but my budget is limited here, plus I have responsibilities you know. So my list might be a little less extravagant then others, but I think I'll start putting together a list of items I want to do before the next year is up, and then I'll blog about the event. I think it would be a fun project and who knows I might get something out of it.

So what about you? With the new year right around the corner, think about the things you said last January that you were going to do this year and you didn't. No time like now to start making a list right?


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