Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Ok so I'm writing this post a few days early, but I've been thinking about the new year, and I figure I'm only a few days away so why not.

So anyway, last year on New Year's Eve I was asked the question, What was my most memorable moment of the past year, and my least memorable moment of the past year? I sat there and thought. I mean I really thought. You know sometimes when we are presented with this type of question, we really don't think about it. We just make up something stupid or come up with some cookie cutter answer, but this time I really thought? What was my best and worst moments of the year?

Finally I had an answer. Nothing. Now here's the thing. Most people might answer nothing and really mean something but they're just to embarrassed to say, or they don't really feel comfortable saying what those moments might be. But for me I really mean I had nothing. Now the group I was with were like aw come on you have to have something from the past year that was good or bad? But I didn't, and like I said, I really gave it some thought.

So here's my explanation. As I've mentioned, I live a very boring (by most standards) life. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, my DW, my clowns, and the things I have. But I am also a very conservative person. I don't travel, unless directed by my job. I don't take big risks. I don't spend my money gambling on boats or on the strip in Vegas. I don't drink my weekends away at wild clubs or parties rubbing elbows with the who's who of the town.

So I have a pretty boring life. I work, take care of my clowns, do housework, make sure the grass is mowed and the trash taken out. I do these things on a daily basis. I am the typical Ward Clever (he was the dad on Leave it to Beaver for those of you who have no idea who that is), but you know those words have stuck with me all year..What was your most and least memorable moments of the year? So I guess having Nothing, is not exactly a bad thing really. I mean at least I didn't have some horrible moment in the past year that I wanted to forget, or something that will stay with me forever. I wasn't in a car wreck, no house fires (although I tried with the mower), no deaths, didn't have to bail anyone out of jail. So I guess those are all good things right?

The problem see is that I didn't have any good things to mention either? I didn't save anybody from a house fire. Didn't rescue anyone, didn't get my name in the paper for being a local hero, didn't buy a new car. No promotion at work, no new job, no milestones of any kind.

Now this question was asked last year, and my answer was basically nothing, and as this year draws to a close and I think back about those words...what is the best and worst thing that happened this past year, again I really have nothing.

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution guy, so I won't vow to do this more, or do that better, but I think this year will be different, and when this question comes up next year around this time, I hope to have a better answer then..Nothing.


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