Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ok I'm going to try to take you through the events of this morning. Anyone who has clowns of their own knows exactly what this is like. This is what it's like around our family getting ready for church on Sunday morning.

It starts off with the DW and I being awakened about 7:30 by clowns that obviously do not know how to be quite. Fair enough..I'm up.

I fix breakfast (pancakes) and some coffee, soon there after it begins.

Me: Emily, get in here and eat your breakfast!
Luke get three cups for you guys and get the milk out.
Luke: I can pour my own milk dad.
Me: I'm sure you can Luke but just let me do it this time
Luke: (whining) Dad, I can do it ,as he attempts to pour a gallon of milk that weighs as much as he does.
Me: I know Luke but we don't have much time.
Luke: Dad where's my pancake?
Me: I'm working on it Luke.
Emily: I don't want syrup on mine. 
Me: Seriously you don't want syrup on it?
Emily: No
Me: It'll be dry
Emily: I don't care. 
Olivia: Dad can I have another pancake?
Me: Yes Olivia just a minute, I say in my, I want to scream because you clowns are already driving me nuts voice.
Me: Luke put down the cat! Did you already wash your hands?
Me:Then leave the cat alone. Go wash your hands again.
Uggh as he storms off.

 So we finish breakfast, and I tell the clowns to find something to wear for church.
Luke: Dad, can I wear this shirt (referring to the one he slept in)?
Me: No Luke find something else.
Luke:Again whining, but I can't find anything.
Me: Go look!
Olivia returns to the living room with a wrinkly shirt.
Olivia: Can I wear this?
Me: We'll have to iron it Liv. (a.k.a. put it in the dryer for a few minutes).
The boy brings out a shirt and some pants. How about this dad?
I quickly look to the DW for approval.
DW: If it fits it's ok.
Me: Try on the pants son.

While the DW helps the girls with their hair and outfits I quickly hop in the shower. I get out and get dressed just in time to hear.....

DW: Girls find a brush
Emily: Looking around for said brush. I can' find it.
Olivia: Also looking for said brush, is quick to throw her sister under the bus. I don't know where it is, Emily had it last. 

Finally the brush is located. Shortly there after there is this....

Olivia: Ouch, (whining)....Hold still honey. Ouch it's hurting. A mother doing a daughters hair is never pleasant.
Me: Luke put the cat down
Emily: Dad can I have a candy? 
Me: What? A candy? No you can't have a candy, are you kidding me?
Emily: But I'm hungry
Me: Then find something to eat.
Emily: Can I have a cookie?
Me: Oh my you can't have a cookie, find something good for you.
Luke: Whining holding up one shoe.I can't find my other shoe.
Me: Where did you find that one?
Luke: In the living room.
Me: Well go look in your room for the other one
Luke: (Whining) back to his room; returns with the other shoe.
Me: Olivia put the cat down!!
Me: Luke you need help?
Luke: I can do it
Me: Ok but the one your trying to put on goes on the other foot.
Luke: Oh
Olivia: whining
Me: What's wrong Olivia
Olivia: I can't get my shirt on
Me: Stop whining. If you need help then ask. Don't whine.
Me: Emily put the cat down!!!

This is just a little glimpse of the events that take place on a Sunday morning at my house. It's never a dull moment, and let me tell you after getting three clowns fed, dressed and ready t go, you need a little church time. 

So things sort of slowed down after we got home from church today. The clowns went outside and played in the snow, the DW had a session, and I did some housework and watched football. Again, just a typical weekend.


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