Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cookies and Movies

So today was a great Christmas Saturday. This was one of those types of Saturdays that you should have in December. The only thing missing really was some shopping. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining about not shopping, but everything else about today made it feel very Chrismas-e.

Today the DW and I baked with the clowns. It was a cold and rainy day here, so we stayed in and baked cookies, listened to Christmas music and put together a little gingerbread village. Now I'm sure that if you've ever cooked, baked, or done just about anything that involves clown participation, then you know this can test your patience very quickly. I mean kids are kids, and sometimes they can be rambunctious, loud, and down right annoying. So just imagine three of them after they've eating what equates to about a pound each in sugar with the cookies and frosting, not to mention the candy that goes on those gingerbread houses. But for the most part, everything was good. The clowns had fun, and the DW and I didn't snap.

After dinner, we went to the movies and saw Rapunzel. It was a decent little movie. However it cost an arm and a leg to take a family of five to the movies these days, but they had a great time.

So in the end it was a good day. Nobody had to do anything, no work to be done, no prior arrangements made, and no real reason to leave the house. Just me and my little family, spending the day together.


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  1. Such a great day! Love our little family.

    p.s. the movie is titled Tangled. ;-)