Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Hangover

Ok so it's been a few days since I posted something. The DW got on the blog today and made a comment that she couldn't believe I'd gone this long without posting something, so I figured I'd better get something up here tonight.

It's been a busy busy Christmas. We had Christmas Eve with my in-laws. We didn't get home until late. When we did get home we got the clowns in bed and began our Christmas prep. The DW and I are pretty lucky. Our clowns don't get up at the crack of dawn to open presents. In fact the DW had to actually wake them up this year, and that wasn't until around 8:30 or so. My brother and sister have clowns that are a little older then mine, and they get up before the sun on Christmas day, so I'm glad mine sleep in. I can remember when we we're little we would get up pretty early too.

So we got up and had Christmas here at the house. The clowns cleaned up of course. After presents were all opened they kept going from one thing to the next, asking if we would get it out and open it. The living room was a mess. Nowhere to walk or move. That's what it's all about though right? They had a pretty good Christmas.

Later that afternoon we packed up and headed to my brothers house for Christmas with my family. I love going to my brothers house for Christmas. We used to have it at my parents house, but our family just kept getting bigger and bigger, and we very quickly out grew their house. So my brother has graciously had us all over for the past maybe four or five years. It's great because he has a big house and all the kids can play in the living room, while the adults can all sit round the table and play games and eat, and eat we did. At least I did.

So the last couple of days we've been out running around, taking gifts back, taking the clowns to spend their gift cards, and things like that, each night getting home late. So today we've decided to do nothing. Which we pretty much have managed. We've watched some kid movies, the DW and I took a nap, or what it the adult version of a nap when you have 3 clowns running around.

Well so I guess tomorrow we'll get back into a routine again. At least as far as the house is concerned. Like I said, we haven't done much, so I guess tomorrow is back to the dishes, the laundry, the housework, you know all the things that have to be done, that we've put off the last few days. Well I guess it was fun while it lasted. Maybe we'll try to find a place for all these new toys too.


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