Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing Games

Ok so had Christmas with some in-laws last night. It was a nice time. I DW's parents are divorced so we split the Christmas's up with them. So last night we spent some time with my Father and Sister in-law. Nothing much really. Just the typical visiting, dinner, then presents, mostly for the clowns.

Ok so the real story today is Mario Kart. You know the game? See we have a Wii console and the other day we gave the clowns this game sort of as an early Christmas present. I'm not sure how one toy, one game can stir so many emotions. It's like a melting pot of emotions in my living room because of this game.

I've heard yelling because it was my turn to play. I've heard yelling because of the track. I've heard crying because it's to hard and because of loosing. I've heard crying because of not getting to pick the track, and I've heard the proverbial  "in your face" chant when someone won. Yep that's right, I play to win

No seriously, the clowns are driving me nuts with this game. So much so that when we first got the game and only had two remotes and steering wheels, and the DW said, I'm not listening to this for the next two weeks, I had to run out and get a new remote so they could all three play at the same time.

So at this point Christmas day can't come soon enough so maybe the newness of this game will wear off. Here's hoping.


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