Monday, December 6, 2010

Sucker Punched

Ok so have you ever heard the quote by Mike Tyson "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"? Well tonight I had a plan, then I got punched in the face.

You see today during work, I had a plan. After work I was going to work-out, go home probably watch some sports on t.v, and call it a night,  you know my typical Monday. Nothing new or exciting, nothing different. However my DW had other plans.

She calls this afternoon about 2:30 and says are you coming straight home after work? Now I've been married 9 years to this lady, I know how she works. When she says are you coming straight home, that means I've got something going on, but I don't want to come out and say it I want to see if your thing is important first.

So anyway, I tell her my plans, she then tells me hers, and then I find out ours.

Ok so that's not even the bad part. So we go to dinner after she's done with "her plans"...again her idea. I had just got done working out, so naturally I'm not exactly dressed for dinner, but oh well.

Here comes the punch in the face. While were eating she says I need to go get the girls some shoes for their Christmas concert. No problem we drove both cars. I'll just take the boy and go on home. Mini-me is on board with this idea, and all seems well. Wait for it......Then out of nowhere her left cross. Luke we're going to Target, don't you want to go look at the toys? 


Didn't see that one coming.Maybe daddy can take you to the toys while the girls and I look for shoes. Wow, she's fighting dirty.

So after dinner we all drove over to Target. The DW took the girls to look for shoes, and I took the boy to look at toys. Not how I planned on spending my evening.

Mini-me checking out the toys
It worked out ok in the end though I guess. The boy and I looked at the toys, and he showed me everything he wants for Christmas, and I do mean everything. So it ended up being some good daddy, son bonding time because we didn't have to look at any girl toys.

So, I get the everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face thing, I guess you just don't figure that punch to come from your own wife.


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