Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Talk....

Hey Lifers...

So the boy has been very curious lately. Asking all sorts of questions. I wasn't sure if it was time for The Talk or not. I know it's because of what he sees on t.v. So I did a little research and found this PSA that another blogger Luke, I am your father, had posted a while back. It helped ease my mind a bit.

Did you seriously think I was talking about the S-E-X talk? Come on. He's 5.


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Friday, July 29, 2011

Think Long, Think Wrong

Hey Lifers..

So I like to live by the ol' motto Think long, Think Wrong.

This has never been more true than today at lunch.

So I'm crusin' our cafeteria looking for something to eat. And because it's so hot, nothings really catchin' my eye. So I go over to the cooler where they have the salads, yogurt, and some drinks and stuff. There are some other ladies standing there sort of contemplating what they're going to get as well.

Then I see this little gem.

Now we usually have chef, house and sometimes even chicken salad's in the cooler so this is nothing new, but I've never seen one with Bacon. Yes that's right. This baby had two big fat strips of bacon on top. What bliss. And it was the only one. So naturally I go into George Costanza mode and started pushing people out of the way left and right.This thing has chicken and bacon. I'm jumpin' over tables and knocking down kids working my way up to the front of the cooler. Heck, I would have pushed the Pope down to get to this thing. What? I'm not Catholic. I wanted that salad.

Which leads me to the Think Long Think Wrong part.

You see there was this one gal who was standing in front of the cooler as well sort of eyeballin' the salads. I don't know if she wanted the glorious one with the bacon or not, but I didn't stick around to find out. I quickly saw the one I wanted and grabbed it. Because if you Think Long, You Think Wrong.

I think this applies to a lot of things. Often times we talk ourselves out of things we want or things we should do because we think about it for too long instead of going with our gut . And today, my gut was telling me to get the chicken salad with bacon.


Tell me Lifers, do you think about things to much? Do you over analyze things? Do you Think Long?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey Lifers...

OK so the DW decided that the girls needed to have a sleepover before schools starts back up, which is next week by the way. And apparently tonight was the night. I'm not sure why she decided that four little girls in the house on a Wednesday night, when somebody has to get up early in the morning, was a good idea, but she did. So she invited my sisters two girls to come stay with us for the evening.

So I'm anticipating giggling, makeovers, hopefully not for me, and late night snacks. And I've already been told that I should sleep with one eye open.

I got a feeling tonight's going to be a long night. I hope they don't put my hand in a bucket of water or something while I sleep.
Watching a little t.v before swimming



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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey Lifers...

They're Baaaaaccckkkk.

That's right the NFL is back in business. Now I'm sure for most of the women your thinking, I didn't know they ever left?

Well actually they did, and there was a even a chance that the season would have been cancel for the year.  I'll spare you with all the boring details of how the owners didn't want to give up their money, and how the players wanted more revenue sharing, mostly because I don't care either. The important thing here is, that the teams are getting back to work and Foosball  starts September 8th.

Now again, to most of you this matters not, but to some of us boys, it mattes.I'm one of those boys.

See I play fantasy foosball and so during the foosball season I'm consumed with stats, players, teams, scores, and points. I play in a league with guys from work so it breaks up the day a bit and gives us an outlet.

And lets face it, for some of us boys it's better than anything else we've got going on in the winter.....Well except for sex, but that doesn't happen every Sunday.


Tell me Lifers, do you watch/enjoy football. Does your spouse? Oh and in case you didn't get it Foosball is a Waterboy reference.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Follow Me

Hey Lifers...

Let me start off today’s post by first telling you that I love new followers and comments. I’m not sure why really,  but it’s so exciting when someone new joins the page on Facebook, or follows the blog, and especially when someone comments on a post. You see it’s one thing for people to read the blog and be like, Yeah OK so what. Lame story. You’re wife left a pad on your car seat, big deal. Or whatever you won’t pull up at McDonald's who cares.  But when someone actually reads and leaves me a comment, it really is an awesome feeling. I know I’m a dork so what who cares

Not that I’m trying to use my Jedi mind tricks to force you into leaving me a comment tonight, or after every post or anything like that. I mean, I know you’re all busy and junk, and don’t have time to click at the bottom where it says Leave a comment and write something like, man that was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Or Dude you crack me up. Please, Please write more. I get that.

OK so anyway, today I got a new follower to the blog. You see every day whether I write something on not, I get on my blog, check stats, and stalk, read other blogs. So today while taking a break, goofin’ off at work, I figure I’ll just get on her for a few seconds and see what’s going one. Right away I notice I have a new follower.  

So immediately I click on the link to see who it is. And deep down inside I’m all like, I hope it's Daydream Believer. You see, Daydream Believer is one of the first blogs I ever started following, and I just thought it would be cool if she thought my blog was follow worthy. Now naturally I don’t know Daydream Believer personally, but in the blog world she if a great writer, and seems like an even better teacher. I really admire her work and find her very funny. Although she does these Bachelor/Bachelorette recap posts that I for one could live without, but that’s beside the point.

OK so anyway, I click the link and this is what I get?

Nothing. It’s supposed to show me who is following me? What’s going on? 

So I click on it a few more times, but now harder and faster. Click, Click, Click. Come one come on. I feel like that guy trying to get his keys in the door as he’s being chased by a killer. I’m looking over my shoulder making sure nobody's hovering at my desk. Come on. Oh man are you kidding me? The suspense is driving me nuts.Must. Know. Who. Is. Following!

OK so now I keep clicking the link in hopes that my mad clicking skills will somehow make it open. Then it occurs to me. Ahh, Blackberry. Duh right? Just check it out on your phone. And of course I type in the address and again, no luck seeing who my new follower is. My next thought. Call the DW and ask her to hack my account and check it for me. 

Reality soon sets in, and I realize that that would be a little much. Right? Yeah I thought so too after about an hour. 

So I stuck it out at work and when I got home quickly logged on to indeed find that Daydream Believer had become my newest follower. 

So if you enjoy reading blogs like I do I recommend you go over and check her out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 


Oh yeah, and Leave a comment

Friday, July 22, 2011

Things we think

Hey Lifers...

So I started a little project with my clowns today. I know I'm such an evil papa.

I asked the two youngest to make me a list of 20 things they like. I asked the oldest to make me a list of 15 things she believes. Now keep in mind my clowns are 5, 7 and 9. My oldest didn't create hers exactly as I'd hoped, and I had to help the other two just a bit, but it was fun. Here they are.

Youngest (boy 5) : Things I like
1. Seafood
2. T.V
3. Video Games
4. Toys
5. Dad - Nice to know I cracked the top 5.
6. Mom
7. The Kitty
8. Maggie -Our dog
9. Radio's / Music
10. Swimming
11. Swinging
12. Sports - Watching, playing, talking with Dad about sports. Karate
13. Shoes- Do you really like shoes son? No not really. Ok then lets not put that one down.
13. Fresh Air - I like to catch fire flies
14. I like to sleep in
15. I don't like anyone to bother me when I sleep - Let's stick to things we do like.
16. Fishing
17. Pirates
18. Drawing
19. Coloring/Painting
20. Holiday World. - It's an amusement/water park.

Here's my 7 year old's list.

1. Karate
2. Swimming
3. Playing
4. Video Games
5. Watching T.V
6. Cats
7. Stove Top Stuffing
8. Helping other people
9. I like the color Purple
10. Sunny Days
11. Fishing
12. To be pretty- Hey who doesn't?
13. School
14. I like going out to eat but not when looking like a rag muffin in karate clothes.- Yeah so maybe she's heard the DW say this once or twice.
15. Happy movies
16. Jewlery
17. Monkeys
18. I like to be cool in the summer, and hot in the winter
19. I like Pearl -Her friend at school
20. My parents- This one actually took her awhile to come up with.

Now like I said for my oldest daughter, I asked her to make me a list of things she believes. Here's what she came up with.

1. I believe I can become a black belt
2. I believe in God
3. I believe my bro can stop being annoying
4. I believe that the house can be cleaner
5. I believe karate is fun
6. I believe school is a little interesting
7. I believe people should start listening to my dad - THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT. BAM
8. I believe mom should have dinner done before karate
9. I believe L can stop running around in his underwear.
10. I believe this heat can stop
11. I believe we can go to karate in 3 days a week - We currently just go two days. Think she's trying to tell me something?
12. I believe O can stop forcing me to play American Girls with her.
13. I believe the cat can stop getting in mom's chair.
14. I believe mom can stop making us go shopping.
15. I believe I'm smart.

Can you tell we just got back from Karate.

Now here's my list of 15 things I believe.

1. I believe in God
2. I believe there is a difference between being a Father and being a Dad.
3. I believe in being a great Dad
4. I believe every child needs a strong mother.
5. I believe in being a great husband.
6. I believe in kissing good night/good bye.
7. I believe the designated hitter should be banned in baseball.
8. I believe in showing my clowns, not telling them.
9. I believe if you can't be rich, be funny.
10. I believe I'm funny
11.I believe there was a second shooter in the Kennedy Assassination
12. I believe my sister is naturally funny, and my brother is stronger than I give him credit for.
13. I believe Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time.
14. I believe my wife is smarter than me, or is it I? Whatever,maybe I should ask her.
15. I believe I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my wife.

Yeah so I made the DW give me an I believe list also. Here's hers

1. I believe that my husband loves me.  All of me.  The me that nobody else sees.
2. I believe I was not prepared to take the time on a Friday evening to make a list of things I believe in...
3. I believe Diet Coke should be considered a healthy alternative to water
4.  I believe my children sometimes bear the brunt of my frustrations.  And I also believe that my children make me bear the brunt of their frustrations
5.  I believe I don't have any really close "you're my bff" type friends - and honestly never really have had - however, I have my sister who has always been my best friend (even when she annoyed me) and I *heart* her very much
6.  I believe my children know how much they are loved and are having a great childhood (at least I hope that's what they tell their shrink as they're lying on the sofa...)
7.  I believe I put way too many pressures on myself - but mainly related to my career
8.  I believe that I'll never live up to my own expectations
9.  I believe my husband is a better housewife than I am
10.  I believe that my dad asks me about the oil in my car every time we talk (well a lot of the times that we talk) because he loves me
11.  I believe that my mom loves me and I love her
12.  I believe that I am truly blessed with the in-laws that I have (I have some friends that aren't as fortunate as I am and have some crazies for in-laws.  Whew... lucky I'm not them!)
13.  I believe I am now running out of room on this list I didn't want to even do...
14.  I believe that I love my job and my clients - most of the time
15.  I believe that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and can actually do whatever I put my mind to - except to deny myself chocolate.  Or Diet Coke.


So tell me some things you believe Lifers. And ask your clowns some things they like. I'm sure you'll have some fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinner Time...

Hey Lifers..

Tonight after the clowns karate class we stopped and got some dinner. I know what you're thinking, man they eat out a lot. Hey, I told you my wife was a great cook.

So anyway we went to Little Caesars. In case you don't know, Little Caesars is a pizza joint that already has your pizza made. They only have three types to choose from so they pre-make 'em, and it's only drive thu or carry-out. The pizza and bread sticks are actually pretty good considering.

OK so we head over to Little Caesars to get some pizza to take home. 

Now anybody who knows me, or has followed my blog at all knows that I am a very simple man and easy to please. Especially when it comes to food. More to the point ordering food. Ask me what I want from any fast food/take out place in 48 of the 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska may give me trouble, and I could tell you what I want within a minute and maybe even give you the number associated with that meal.

My DW on the other hand....

So we go to LC which like I said only has Cheese, Pepperoni, and maybe Sausage but I don't care because who eats sausage anyway? So surely tonight would be one of those nights when ordering at the drive-thu would be easy right?.....WRONG.

You see here's the thing. And how I've managed to avoid this before at LC's I have no idea, but they have wings. And tonight the DW noticed that they have wings. So here I am all next to the board about to give my order, the same order I've given maybe 25 times, and the DW says those dreaded words. Men you know the ones. The words no man wants to hear next to him as he's about to give the order.

Tell them to wait a minute.

Immediately my mind races to my please pull up fiasco at McDonald's .

The DW asks what type of wings do they have?

Of course I put much thought into this question: I dont' know.

She then proceeds to yell across me and ask what type of wings do you have?

To which the lady on the other end of the speak rambles off about five different kinds. Does that seem odd to anybody else? They're a pizza joint that has three types of pizzas, but five different types of wings? Whatever.

After much debate and conducting a family meeting in the backseat, the DW decides on the mild wings.
Whew, glad that's over.

We get our total and pull around. Now in the brief forty-five seconds it took us to drive around from the corner of the building to the window, my DW begins to have buyer remorse.

Oh I don't think Miss O will eat those kind of wings. We need to change that I think. See if you can get her attention.


When the girl comes to the window the crazy DW begins to discuss how we need to change our order or maybe she could just throw in a few of the other kind because princess back there won't eat the mild wings.

Another order of wings later we're square.

Calmly I reach into my wallet and get my debit card to hand to the lady. To which the DW quickly snatches from me. 

Use mine....rewards points.

Just a typical Day in the Life....


Leave me a comment Lifers. You know how I love to hear from you.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey Lifers...

So like most families the DW and I have two vehicles. The one I drive back and forth to work everyday, and the one she taxis clowns around in.

Now typically on the weekends the DW uses my car for her business purposes, and we'll use her van if all of us go somewhere. She likes to use my car because it's cleaner, don't get me started on that, and it's not a mini-van. Nuff said. 

Typically when the DW uses my ride there are lots of goodies she's left behind. Her gum or mints, which I usually play by old school rules and say finders keepers losers weepers. Yeah I'm childish like that.

All to often though it's a half empty bottle of water, a diet coke cup, her sunglasses, or something she used during her photo shoot.

But I gotta draw the line at this. Yes, this is what I saw this morning when I was getting out of my car in the parking lot at work. I'm just glad I noticed it when I did. That might have been a little embarrassing had it sat there all day. 

Thank you DW.


Friday, July 15, 2011

I Can't Handle the Pressure

Hey Lifers....

So tomorrow is my middle clowns 7th Birthday. Happy Birthday Lu Ann.

I don't like birthday's. Well more to the point, I don't like birthday parties. There's to much pressure.

Now we typically only have family over to celebrate the clown's birthday, so you would think that the pressure wouldn't get to me, but I crack.

I always feel like birthday parties are in stages. First the introduction stage. This is when everybody first comes in. Now during this stage I always feel like I have to work the room. Going from person to person shakin' hands and kissing babies, or pulling a quarter out of someones ear. You all having a good time over here tonight? Good, good to see you.Thanks for coming out. Hope you enjoy the show.

After I've worked the room a bit I feel like as the host I'm obligated to integrate the two families. You know like hey dad I was just over there on the couch talking to the in-laws and did you know that Burt just bought a new 14.5 horse power Craftsman riding mower? You should go talk to him about it.....I don't know who Burt is.

So after that we move to phase two, presents and cake. This is where I start to crack. You see I think there is a fine line between making small birthday party talk and having a boring birthday party where your guests want to jab something sharp in their eye. And like I said, this is where I crack.  
Do we hurry up and open the gifts, or do we have cake first? Do we have cake while she's opening gifts, or is it separate altogether? And don't forget the ice-cream. Go around and take orders. Chocolate or vanilla, don't screw it up. Grandpa wants cake but no ice-cream. Grandma wants ice-cream but no cake. Oh man, room is spinning, clowns yelling, people want sugary goodness.

After I've had a sedative the DW has talked me down off the ledge and the presents are opened, and the clowns are playing, I begin to mellow. It's time for stage three. The hang around and visit period. I like this part. My clowns are happy. They got lots of nice gifts, they're playing and haven't  care in the world, and they'll remember this day. The day we came together to celebrate them.

So Happy Birthday to my baby girl, and I apologize ahead of time if Daddy seems a little high strung. It takes awhile for the meds to kick in.


Tell me Lifers, how are Birthday parties for your clowns.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get a tissue

Hey Lifers...

A couple of Tuesdays ago, I came home and found two of my three clowns doing something that reminded me of today's post. 

Now on Tuesdays here at the Palace I don't let my clowns watch T.V. We call it No T.V. Tuesday. Pretty clever huh? I came up with the name all by myself. Anyway, they have to find other ways to occupy themselves all day. Read a book, use their imagination, or heaven for bid, play an actual board game. So anyway, we don't turn on the t.v on Tuesdays, that's just how we roll.

So my youngest two were playing the game Operation. Well I sat down and began to watch them play. Now I'm not exactly sure if he would have, had I not interrupted, but it appeared that mini-me was about to put one of the pieces up his nose. OK who'm I kidding. Of course we would have, he's Mini-me.

OK so here's the story. When I was about his age, I too put something up my nose that shouldn't have been there. Now if you're old enough to remember when toy guns were cool, then you remember cap guns right?

Well my older brother and I had cap guns, all sorts of cap guns like this one. This one in the picture has the ring type caps, but we also had the just single caps. You'd load them in the chamber one at a time and fire.

Well I used to love the smell of the caps after they were shot... are you seeing where this is going people?

Yeah so one day I'm in my room by myself and fire off one of these caps. Where were my parents you ask? Why am I firing cap guns in the house you ask? Who knows. My parents liked to party and traveled with the Grateful Dead for most of my youth. OK really they didn't but that might help explain a few things if it were true.

So anyway, I remove the cap from the gun to smell the burnt powder, and wouldn't you know it the thing goes right up my nose. Most people at this point might begin to blow their nose, however I am not most people, and come on I was like 5 or 7 or 14, whatever, it doesn't matter that's not important. Instead I begin to dig around up there. Of course the more I did the farther up it goes. 

I start to panic. Oh crap what am I going to do? I can not tell my parents I put a cap up my nose. That will be too embarrassing. I keep digging. Crap I can't get it. Oh man I'm gonna have to tell 'em. Keep digging. They're going to make fun of me for the rest of my life. Keep digging, cap nearly touching my brain. No way, can't tell 'em. Have to keep this on the down low. What should I do? 

I've got it...My Brother. Yeah good call there. Surely your brother will not make fun of you for the rest of your life because you put a cap up your nose. Swwwiiiinnng and a miss. 

Frantically I open my bedroom door and call for him to come. He does. I explain the situation. His response: Plug the the other side and blow. 


Tell me Lifers, ever put something up your nose or in your ear that you shouldn't have?


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Single Dude vs Married Dude

Hey Lifers...

So awhile back I had the pleasure duties of taking a little road trip for work. This little trip was only about a four hour drive. The plan was to drive up and get there mid-morning, do our thang, grab some lunch and back by late afternoon early evening. No biggie right? I've done this type of trip several times during my stay at the Shawshank.

Here's the thing. I went with three other guys. Two of which are also happily married. Noticed how I put happily in there just in case the DW reads this. Pretty smart huh? 

Anyhow, the third guy. Single. Divorced. Bitter.

For our purposes here we'll call him Little Sheen.

Now Little Sheen was a man with many stories. Stories of drinking. Stories of The Ladies. And stories of parties. Hence Little Sheen. But you know the guy. Stories that end up in the back pages of some dirty magazine. 

So to make a long story short, I had to spend nearly 10 hours straight with this guy listening to his stories about how he's such a Ladies man. I had to watch him texting said Ladies, and generally be in love with himself.

Now don't get me wrong here. There was a part of me that was hanging on every word of every one of Little Sheens stories. Part of which because I wanted to call BS, but part because, and lets face it, I've been out of the game for a long time. I wanted to see if the rules had changed.

So there we were the three married guys all day long listening to LS rant and rave about his Ladies, all the while rolling our eyes. Every now and then one of us would throw in an oh yeah, or really, just to keep him going.

On our way home he sends a single guy text to one of his Ladies, and when he repeated her reply to us, I'd had enough.

I asked him what his text said to her. Quickly I grab my phone and text the DW exactly what he had sent his Lady.

At this point I encouraged the other two married schmucks guys to send that text to their wives as well. Of course they didn't. But me? I was fed up. Fed up with his stupid oh look at me I'm such a playar, look at me out all hours of the night closing the bars down, getting chicks, being funny and charming routine. I had to prove that I too could still charm my Lady, and get the chick. I had to do it for all us married men out there. I had to prove to the single guy that life on this side is just as exciting, and just as spontaneous. Prove that I still got it. 

Here's what his text said:

Rolling home babe wanna get naked tonight, I mean hang out. ha ha.

I know right? And no he didn't look like this dude.

OK so I send exactly the same text to the DW.Rolling home babe wanna get naked tonight, I mean hang out. ha ha.

Her reply: How does one confuse get naked with hang out?

At least it wasn't a no.



Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a little off the top

Hey Lifers...

So I just got this idea tonight about all the different hair styles I've ever had. If you can call them styles. So anyway, I came up with a few pictures of the do's I've had over the years.

Not me
Looking back at old pictures my parents have of me when I was a little boy, my hair was always long, and in my eyes, and looked a little something like this kids. Now I'm not sure if my parents didn't care what I looked like, or if maybe we didn't own a comb back then?  Either way it made those K-Mart photos priceless.

Not me
When I got into middle school and little things like bathing and combing your hair mattered, I went with the Shawn Cassidy feathered do like this guy. Yeah that's right I had the gold chain too. And let's face it ladies, I was smokin' hot. 

yeah still not me
Now sometime after high school, like most of us do, I decided to do some soul searching. And as we all know when you're soul searching, you must do it with long hair. I guess before you can find yourself you have to be covered in hair? Or maybe it just goes along with the parties and music. Either way, I looked a little like this cat.

Through the years I've had em all really. The buzz cut, the flat top, long hair, and short hair. I've even had some parts shaved while keeping other parts long.

It funny because at this point in my life the style really doesn't matter to me. Heck I'll just take enough to cover my monkey butt.


Tell me Lifers. What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Facebook and Twitter is all I need

Hey Lifers....

So today was back to the grind for me. If you remember all last week I was off work.

Yesterday I was talking to my mom and I mentioned how I didn't want to go back to work today. Her response, I didn't know you were off? 

Which got me to thinking.

You know I get all my news and information from Facebook and Twitter.

You see, I'm not really a news guy. I don't sit down at night and watch the evening news. I don't read the newspapers, and the only time I read a magazine is when I'm in my office.

So basically it's Facebook and Twitter to keep me up to date on all the current events that matter.

I get all my local news through Facebook. Today I learned that it was hot outside, nearly 110 with the heat index, and that one of my friends can bench press 345 pounds, which is awesome if a car falls on him.

I know how happy or lucky someone is, which helps if I'm asking them for some money. And if I have to track someone down, the check-in feature is a huge help.  

Now this isn't just for my benefit. If by some strange chance I do or say something stupid to the wife, like I did here , or here, and this one  that wasn't my fault, my DW is pretty quick to share it which lets all my friends and neighbors chime in. 

Well what about national news, pop culture, or sports you ask? That's what Twitter is for.

I learned of Casey Anthony's sentencing, or lack there of, because Twitter blew up. I found out Kim Kardashian was getting married through Twitter.....don't judge.

And just yesterday I found out that the USA Women's soccer team won in dramatic fashion and Hope Solo, who I don't know from Han Solo, played great. 

I learned of Derek Jeter's 3000th hit thanks to an Alyssa Milano tweet. Seriously you didn't think I wouldn't be following her did you? And heard all about Senator  Weiner.

Not to mention that I stay informed when one of my awesome bloggy friends posts something new.

So you see, all I really need to keep me current are Facebook and Twitter. So keep those posts coming and if you haven't already, go follow me on Twitter @jtony20, or follow my Facebook page A Day in the Life.


Oh and leave me a comment.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 Ninjas

Hey Lifers....

Welcome back.

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. So I apologize to all my loyal Day in the Life followers out there. It's actually been awhile since I've read anything from all the other awesome blogs I follow too, yeah sorry about that.

So anyway, the reason for my hiatus is due to the fact that I've been on vacation this week, which means I've been sleeping in and staying up late. See my company shuts down every year the week of July 4th, and since we're planning on going to Disney in October, we decided to make this a staycation. So I've been doing some home repairs, playing on the playstation, and spending some quality time with the family. I did put on pants this week, which is a little more than I originally planned on doing.

So a few months ago we passed by a Karate place and Mini-me asks if we can go there sometime. Of course I told him we would someday, figuring he'd forget by the time dinner rolled around.

Well unfortunately he didn't forget. He continued to ask the DW and I when we were going to the Karate place.

So one day last week I broke down and went in to the local Karate place to talk to them about signing him up.

After speaking with Mr. Miyagi the instructor we set up a time for him to come in.

Now anybody who has multiple clowns knows that you can not buy just one anything. If one of them wants something, chances are the others will too.

Well Karate at the Palace was no different. The DW mentioned going to Karate to the girls, and of course they were on board.

So this past Wednesday we took all three of them to their first lesson. The deal was they could try it this one time, and if they liked it they could sign up. Well all three of them really enjoyed it, and want to continue.

Needless to say, now I have 3 Ninjas.

Guess who I'm taking with me the next time I go to McDonald's


Leave me a comment Lifers.