Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinner Time...

Hey Lifers..

Tonight after the clowns karate class we stopped and got some dinner. I know what you're thinking, man they eat out a lot. Hey, I told you my wife was a great cook.

So anyway we went to Little Caesars. In case you don't know, Little Caesars is a pizza joint that already has your pizza made. They only have three types to choose from so they pre-make 'em, and it's only drive thu or carry-out. The pizza and bread sticks are actually pretty good considering.

OK so we head over to Little Caesars to get some pizza to take home. 

Now anybody who knows me, or has followed my blog at all knows that I am a very simple man and easy to please. Especially when it comes to food. More to the point ordering food. Ask me what I want from any fast food/take out place in 48 of the 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska may give me trouble, and I could tell you what I want within a minute and maybe even give you the number associated with that meal.

My DW on the other hand....

So we go to LC which like I said only has Cheese, Pepperoni, and maybe Sausage but I don't care because who eats sausage anyway? So surely tonight would be one of those nights when ordering at the drive-thu would be easy right?.....WRONG.

You see here's the thing. And how I've managed to avoid this before at LC's I have no idea, but they have wings. And tonight the DW noticed that they have wings. So here I am all next to the board about to give my order, the same order I've given maybe 25 times, and the DW says those dreaded words. Men you know the ones. The words no man wants to hear next to him as he's about to give the order.

Tell them to wait a minute.

Immediately my mind races to my please pull up fiasco at McDonald's .

The DW asks what type of wings do they have?

Of course I put much thought into this question: I dont' know.

She then proceeds to yell across me and ask what type of wings do you have?

To which the lady on the other end of the speak rambles off about five different kinds. Does that seem odd to anybody else? They're a pizza joint that has three types of pizzas, but five different types of wings? Whatever.

After much debate and conducting a family meeting in the backseat, the DW decides on the mild wings.
Whew, glad that's over.

We get our total and pull around. Now in the brief forty-five seconds it took us to drive around from the corner of the building to the window, my DW begins to have buyer remorse.

Oh I don't think Miss O will eat those kind of wings. We need to change that I think. See if you can get her attention.


When the girl comes to the window the crazy DW begins to discuss how we need to change our order or maybe she could just throw in a few of the other kind because princess back there won't eat the mild wings.

Another order of wings later we're square.

Calmly I reach into my wallet and get my debit card to hand to the lady. To which the DW quickly snatches from me. 

Use mine....rewards points.

Just a typical Day in the Life....


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  1. This was too funny!! This sounds like something your mom did to your dad when you guys were little. I can still see him clinching his jaw. She drove him crazy with this kind of stuff. I bet she still does. Ha

  2. That's why I go thru drive thrus alone....with a list. That cross yelling - order changing - wait a sec - back seat power pow-wow meet n eat n change - thing drives me batty. Too bad they didn't serve up a shot when you handed over your payment.