Monday, July 25, 2011

Follow Me

Hey Lifers...

Let me start off today’s post by first telling you that I love new followers and comments. I’m not sure why really,  but it’s so exciting when someone new joins the page on Facebook, or follows the blog, and especially when someone comments on a post. You see it’s one thing for people to read the blog and be like, Yeah OK so what. Lame story. You’re wife left a pad on your car seat, big deal. Or whatever you won’t pull up at McDonald's who cares.  But when someone actually reads and leaves me a comment, it really is an awesome feeling. I know I’m a dork so what who cares

Not that I’m trying to use my Jedi mind tricks to force you into leaving me a comment tonight, or after every post or anything like that. I mean, I know you’re all busy and junk, and don’t have time to click at the bottom where it says Leave a comment and write something like, man that was the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Or Dude you crack me up. Please, Please write more. I get that.

OK so anyway, today I got a new follower to the blog. You see every day whether I write something on not, I get on my blog, check stats, and stalk, read other blogs. So today while taking a break, goofin’ off at work, I figure I’ll just get on her for a few seconds and see what’s going one. Right away I notice I have a new follower.  

So immediately I click on the link to see who it is. And deep down inside I’m all like, I hope it's Daydream Believer. You see, Daydream Believer is one of the first blogs I ever started following, and I just thought it would be cool if she thought my blog was follow worthy. Now naturally I don’t know Daydream Believer personally, but in the blog world she if a great writer, and seems like an even better teacher. I really admire her work and find her very funny. Although she does these Bachelor/Bachelorette recap posts that I for one could live without, but that’s beside the point.

OK so anyway, I click the link and this is what I get?

Nothing. It’s supposed to show me who is following me? What’s going on? 

So I click on it a few more times, but now harder and faster. Click, Click, Click. Come one come on. I feel like that guy trying to get his keys in the door as he’s being chased by a killer. I’m looking over my shoulder making sure nobody's hovering at my desk. Come on. Oh man are you kidding me? The suspense is driving me nuts.Must. Know. Who. Is. Following!

OK so now I keep clicking the link in hopes that my mad clicking skills will somehow make it open. Then it occurs to me. Ahh, Blackberry. Duh right? Just check it out on your phone. And of course I type in the address and again, no luck seeing who my new follower is. My next thought. Call the DW and ask her to hack my account and check it for me. 

Reality soon sets in, and I realize that that would be a little much. Right? Yeah I thought so too after about an hour. 

So I stuck it out at work and when I got home quickly logged on to indeed find that Daydream Believer had become my newest follower. 

So if you enjoy reading blogs like I do I recommend you go over and check her out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 


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  1. What?! Your wife left a pad in your car seat? Bwahaha! ;-)

  2. PS....just checked out Daydream Believer and she's good!

  3. Amy check out my post last week titled Always.

  4. Isn't it sad how much comments and stats make or break the day? Totally glad it's not just me.

    By the way, check your email because, this is kinda creepy but, I had a question that relates to this post before I even read it! Weird!