Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey Lifers...

They're Baaaaaccckkkk.

That's right the NFL is back in business. Now I'm sure for most of the women your thinking, I didn't know they ever left?

Well actually they did, and there was a even a chance that the season would have been cancel for the year.  I'll spare you with all the boring details of how the owners didn't want to give up their money, and how the players wanted more revenue sharing, mostly because I don't care either. The important thing here is, that the teams are getting back to work and Foosball  starts September 8th.

Now again, to most of you this matters not, but to some of us boys, it mattes.I'm one of those boys.

See I play fantasy foosball and so during the foosball season I'm consumed with stats, players, teams, scores, and points. I play in a league with guys from work so it breaks up the day a bit and gives us an outlet.

And lets face it, for some of us boys it's better than anything else we've got going on in the winter.....Well except for sex, but that doesn't happen every Sunday.


Tell me Lifers, do you watch/enjoy football. Does your spouse? Oh and in case you didn't get it Foosball is a Waterboy reference.


  1. I am thrilled they are gonna play da foosball!! This means I can go ahead and buy my little guy that Manning jersey that I've been eyeing (it just so happens to match mine). It's fun to run around South Florida during football season being the sole Colts fan...it's a good conversation (fight) starter. My DF does NOT like da foosball, that is unless you are talking about Rugby! He will, however, sit and watch the end of the Superbowl with me to see if I'm going to win $1400 in the company pool. ;-) Let's go COLTS!

  2. Amy, sounds like you and I need to get together to watch some of that foosball. The DW could care less either.

  3. Yes! We'll have to get together for a Colts game, maybe we can convice your DW to come....my dad has season tickets! :-)

  4. I'm with you on the football....cept for all that Colts noise! Pfffft! It was fixin to be a super long winter with no football. I AM a basketball fan but college ball...not professional and that doesn't start until way later than Football would.

    Sooo...I'm thankful the ole pigskin is back in bidness. Beer is on! Wings are on order and this Duck has her butt indent already outlined on the couch!