Friday, July 22, 2011

Things we think

Hey Lifers...

So I started a little project with my clowns today. I know I'm such an evil papa.

I asked the two youngest to make me a list of 20 things they like. I asked the oldest to make me a list of 15 things she believes. Now keep in mind my clowns are 5, 7 and 9. My oldest didn't create hers exactly as I'd hoped, and I had to help the other two just a bit, but it was fun. Here they are.

Youngest (boy 5) : Things I like
1. Seafood
2. T.V
3. Video Games
4. Toys
5. Dad - Nice to know I cracked the top 5.
6. Mom
7. The Kitty
8. Maggie -Our dog
9. Radio's / Music
10. Swimming
11. Swinging
12. Sports - Watching, playing, talking with Dad about sports. Karate
13. Shoes- Do you really like shoes son? No not really. Ok then lets not put that one down.
13. Fresh Air - I like to catch fire flies
14. I like to sleep in
15. I don't like anyone to bother me when I sleep - Let's stick to things we do like.
16. Fishing
17. Pirates
18. Drawing
19. Coloring/Painting
20. Holiday World. - It's an amusement/water park.

Here's my 7 year old's list.

1. Karate
2. Swimming
3. Playing
4. Video Games
5. Watching T.V
6. Cats
7. Stove Top Stuffing
8. Helping other people
9. I like the color Purple
10. Sunny Days
11. Fishing
12. To be pretty- Hey who doesn't?
13. School
14. I like going out to eat but not when looking like a rag muffin in karate clothes.- Yeah so maybe she's heard the DW say this once or twice.
15. Happy movies
16. Jewlery
17. Monkeys
18. I like to be cool in the summer, and hot in the winter
19. I like Pearl -Her friend at school
20. My parents- This one actually took her awhile to come up with.

Now like I said for my oldest daughter, I asked her to make me a list of things she believes. Here's what she came up with.

1. I believe I can become a black belt
2. I believe in God
3. I believe my bro can stop being annoying
4. I believe that the house can be cleaner
5. I believe karate is fun
6. I believe school is a little interesting
7. I believe people should start listening to my dad - THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT. BAM
8. I believe mom should have dinner done before karate
9. I believe L can stop running around in his underwear.
10. I believe this heat can stop
11. I believe we can go to karate in 3 days a week - We currently just go two days. Think she's trying to tell me something?
12. I believe O can stop forcing me to play American Girls with her.
13. I believe the cat can stop getting in mom's chair.
14. I believe mom can stop making us go shopping.
15. I believe I'm smart.

Can you tell we just got back from Karate.

Now here's my list of 15 things I believe.

1. I believe in God
2. I believe there is a difference between being a Father and being a Dad.
3. I believe in being a great Dad
4. I believe every child needs a strong mother.
5. I believe in being a great husband.
6. I believe in kissing good night/good bye.
7. I believe the designated hitter should be banned in baseball.
8. I believe in showing my clowns, not telling them.
9. I believe if you can't be rich, be funny.
10. I believe I'm funny
11.I believe there was a second shooter in the Kennedy Assassination
12. I believe my sister is naturally funny, and my brother is stronger than I give him credit for.
13. I believe Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of all time.
14. I believe my wife is smarter than me, or is it I? Whatever,maybe I should ask her.
15. I believe I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my wife.

Yeah so I made the DW give me an I believe list also. Here's hers

1. I believe that my husband loves me.  All of me.  The me that nobody else sees.
2. I believe I was not prepared to take the time on a Friday evening to make a list of things I believe in...
3. I believe Diet Coke should be considered a healthy alternative to water
4.  I believe my children sometimes bear the brunt of my frustrations.  And I also believe that my children make me bear the brunt of their frustrations
5.  I believe I don't have any really close "you're my bff" type friends - and honestly never really have had - however, I have my sister who has always been my best friend (even when she annoyed me) and I *heart* her very much
6.  I believe my children know how much they are loved and are having a great childhood (at least I hope that's what they tell their shrink as they're lying on the sofa...)
7.  I believe I put way too many pressures on myself - but mainly related to my career
8.  I believe that I'll never live up to my own expectations
9.  I believe my husband is a better housewife than I am
10.  I believe that my dad asks me about the oil in my car every time we talk (well a lot of the times that we talk) because he loves me
11.  I believe that my mom loves me and I love her
12.  I believe that I am truly blessed with the in-laws that I have (I have some friends that aren't as fortunate as I am and have some crazies for in-laws.  Whew... lucky I'm not them!)
13.  I believe I am now running out of room on this list I didn't want to even do...
14.  I believe that I love my job and my clients - most of the time
15.  I believe that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and can actually do whatever I put my mind to - except to deny myself chocolate.  Or Diet Coke.


So tell me some things you believe Lifers. And ask your clowns some things they like. I'm sure you'll have some fun.


  1. Rebecca Fly CouchJuly 22, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    these lists made me laugh... and tear up. what an awesome activity. AAAANNND, I love that you made the distinction between being a father and a dad. So so true... as some kids already know too well.

  2. This was great! I might just have to do this with my 5 year old. Why do i think Buzz Lightyear will be high on the list?