Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a little off the top

Hey Lifers...

So I just got this idea tonight about all the different hair styles I've ever had. If you can call them styles. So anyway, I came up with a few pictures of the do's I've had over the years.

Not me
Looking back at old pictures my parents have of me when I was a little boy, my hair was always long, and in my eyes, and looked a little something like this kids. Now I'm not sure if my parents didn't care what I looked like, or if maybe we didn't own a comb back then?  Either way it made those K-Mart photos priceless.

Not me
When I got into middle school and little things like bathing and combing your hair mattered, I went with the Shawn Cassidy feathered do like this guy. Yeah that's right I had the gold chain too. And let's face it ladies, I was smokin' hot. 

yeah still not me
Now sometime after high school, like most of us do, I decided to do some soul searching. And as we all know when you're soul searching, you must do it with long hair. I guess before you can find yourself you have to be covered in hair? Or maybe it just goes along with the parties and music. Either way, I looked a little like this cat.

Through the years I've had em all really. The buzz cut, the flat top, long hair, and short hair. I've even had some parts shaved while keeping other parts long.

It funny because at this point in my life the style really doesn't matter to me. Heck I'll just take enough to cover my monkey butt.


Tell me Lifers. What's the worst hairdo you've ever had?

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  1. That third pic is just a little on the kidnapper/childmolester/neighborhood pot seller/ creepy side.

    Probably the sprial poodle perm would go down as my worst hairdo. And of course that was in 4th grade or something because naturally I've been fashion forward for MANY years now. *snort*