Friday, October 29, 2010

Monkey love and Friday

Oh Friday how I love thee...Why is it that Friday is such an awesome day. Why do we look so forward to Friday and the weekend. Some of us even consider Friday the weekend. I was somewhat reflecting back on this week. You see now that I have a blog I "reflect" on my weeks past (what a nerd). So anyway, I was thinking back about my week and I realized that Tuesday and sort of Wednesday are my best days. Now some of that depends on the events of the day or if the Monday Night Football game is worth me staying up late to watch, but for the most part those are my two best days. I feel the best on those days both mentally and most of the time physically. And I think I generally do my best work on those days. You know I've always heard that when you buy a new car you should buy one that was built on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and I think I believe that. Nobody likes Mondays, everybody is tired and generally doesn't  want to be at work. By Thursday people are already thinking about the weekend. On Friday nobody's doing squat but waiting for that whistle to blow so they can get out of there like Fred Flinstone sliding down that dinosaur. I mean I get the whole weekend, no work deal, but does Friday mean more to me then to say somebody who actually enjoys what they do? I've been doing my same job for a lot of years. Sure there is some variation and different companies, but for the most part the same "type" of work. I've come to realize that I, like a lot of other people, really do not like my job. Maybe that's not the right way to put it. I don't like my career. You see like I said, I've been doing the same "job" for a lot of years, and it is what it is. I know what it is. So it really doesn't matter if I do this job where I currently am, or down the road, or in a different state. It's the same thing. Now don't get me wrong this is not a talk me down off the ledge type of post. I just wish that I was lucky or smart enough to do what I loved to do. But I'm not sure they pay middle aged men to sit around watch sports, play the guitar (poorly) and play video games enough that would support my family. So I guess I'll have to just relish in the fact that it's Friday, and this day was made for guys like me.

So life can be pretty humbling when your DW is an awesome photographer. You see she's always right there with a camera or "needing" a shot of someone or something, just ask the clowns. They actually get the worst of it, but I've been the victim a time or two. You see the camera doesn't lie. It shows all your imperfections. Your facial blemishes, scars, double chins, lazy eyes, and in my case the bald spot in the back of my head, or in other words...the monkey butt. Now I'm not that bad, yet, but my DW has had to do a little touch up back there once or twice after an impromptu shoot. So I guess the question is when do you just shave it all off? You know the thing about me is I've always had nice hair, and even now still do. I just have this balding spot on top. And I'm a little scared that if I was to shave it all off the shape of my head wouldn't look right. So maybe for now I'll keep it the way it is. I mean what do I have to worry about as long as my DW can continue to cover my butt right?



  1. awe hubs, i'll always cover your monkey butt. even as it gets larger through the years. ;-)

  2. Well you know it is "hat Weather" so if you try it with out having to show it off at Target you could shave it then cover it with a cool beenie or such. My Dh shaved his a few years back and it was a GREAT move.
    Much support