Monday, October 25, 2010

Computers and the Chinese

Ok so today has been a very frustrating day. First it's Monday. I could probably stop there because you know how Monday's are. So after I got up this morning at 5 am, nearly tripped over the cat (see earlier post), and had my breakfast I headed out the door to make some licenses plates.

Ok so that's not exactly the frustrating part. Although work has it's moments. But today was relatively quite. So the frustrating part is that for the last two days my laptop has not been able to connect to the Internet, and because I'm not very computer savvy I can not figure out what's wrong. Which leads to frustration. I got on the DW's laptop to research yesterday. Thought I had the answer.
So I grabbed my BB and scanned the web in between football and chores. 
Then today after work got on the desktop to see what I've missed. Ok at this point I know what your thinking. You have TWO laptops a BB and a desktop all with Internet????? (Oh did I mention the DW has a BB also). Long story, but not the point, back to my frustration. Let's see yesterday four plus hours trying to get it fixed. Fail. Tonight 3 plus hours of trying to get it to work. Again fail. So I've decided that I'm done for today. I'll try again tomorrow.

Oh and the icing on the let me just say before I go any further that my DW is a wonderful cook, and I always do appreciate it when she takes the time to make us all something. The very first time I ever went to her house when we were dating she cooked for me and I was hooked. She really is a great cook. So anyway, tonight we had Chinese food...home made Chinese food. Now anybody who knows me knows that I can not stand rice... So tonight we had... Chinese food.....Been a looonnng day.


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