Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ramblin' Man

Yeah I really have nothing to write about tonight. Just rambling I guess. I guess that's not a bad thing. Means that all of us had a pretty good day. No drama, no issues, no major problems. Just your average everyday life. Work, chores, dinner, kids. I did work out and run today. I felt like I had to. If for nothing else I did it for the fat guy at work. After all I don't want him to pass my up.

So my oldest clown saw me on here tonight and wanted to know what I was doing. So I explained to her what a blog was all about and let her read a few of my post. I watched her as she read and a sense of pride came over me. She was reading my stuff and she was laughing, she was hanging on every word....Then reality hit ...she's 8. When she finished she looked at me and said as only she can...weird. 

So the clowns are watching the same Charlie Brown Halloween special that I watched as a kid. It's a part of my childhood that I will always remember. I remember when I was young maybe 2nd or 3rd grade and was too sick to go trick-or-treat. My older brother and sister went out for me. It was awesome. Not that they drudged through the cold October night to get their little brother some candy, but rather that I got all that free loot and never had to walk an inch. Now that's.. pimpin' the system.

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