Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Dork

Ok so I know that I'm a dork. At this point in my life I'm OK with that. You know when you are younger you have so many pressures to be cool or fit in. But when you get older you realize that the "things" you thought you had to have when you were young to be cool just aren't worth it anymore. Either that or now you're the one paying for those "things" and you just can't afford 'em? Either way, I'm OK with being a dork.

So since I started this blog a few days ago, I have become what you might call "blog obsessed". I just can't believe how many blogs there are out there? I mean there are so many great writers, some hacks, and a bunch of folks in-between. The only thing about this blog is that I know I'm not in the first group. I just find it incredible that there are so many people out there that blog. So when I mentioned this to the DW of course she thought... I was a dork. Like where have I been for the last decade? But truth be told, I'm a simpleton. I don't get out much these days, read the paper or "surf the net" (other than for fantasy football info.which I'm leading my league...thank you very much). So I find this "blog world" pretty interesting. It gives us an opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings TO THE WORLD WORLD WORLD. (Did you catch the repeating/fade echo). Anyway, I've been reading other peoples blogs like I was watching a reality show or something. It's a way into a person's life and their world that intrigues me. I read about a guy who is training for the Boston Marathon, and a pregnant lady. I've read about a lady in the UK who collects things, and found out that there is a club for 20 something bloggers. I've seen photo blogs, cooking blogs, story blogs, and blogs about books, you name it it's out there, and I can't seem to get enough of it. Like I said at the beginning...I'm a dork. 

So today is Tuesday. And in my house that means no T.V. Tuesday. Obviously this means that nobody watches t.v on this day. I started this little "rule" almost a year ago. At first it seemed to be a big deal with "the clowns", but now they have to remind me what day it is. You see we get so caught up in going to school or work, coming home and plopping down in front of the t.v that we forget that there is so much more out there. OK OK so we're not changing the world over here or finding a cure for cancer during our one day without t.v, but it does make the kids do something else besides watch Hanna Montana and Suite Life on Deck. However for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction right? You see if the kids are not with the babysitter..urr..I mean t.v that means they are playing together, which anyone who has kids knows this leads to fighting. Now don't get me wrong, there are sooo many times when I have wanted to scream at the top of my lungs "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE WILL YOU GUYS JUST TURN THE T.V ON AND ZIP IT"? But haven't, and to her credit the DW hasn't either.I guess I hope that with no t.v Tuesdays it brings us all a little closer together. I realize that with time the clowns will grow somewhat distant with the DW and I. And there will be weeks, months, heck even years when we won't have everybody even in the same room. And eventually they ALL will think I'm a dork....eventually.


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