Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Start

So as it turns out I have several things to talk about today. I recently reconnected with an old colleague the other day via facebook. The other day my friend posted a link to her blog. Once I saw her blog I was so inspired that I too had to start one. So here we go. Welcome to my blog "A day in the life".

So I realize that I'm old. And  I don't mean like walking with a cane old, I just mean I'm a middle aged man with 3 kids. That's old. Tonight the wife and I were lucky enough to have my mother in-law watch are kids for the evening. We live close enough that they spend the night from time to time with the in-laws. The kids love it, and quite frankly so do we. I mean we love our kids just as much as any parent, but it's nice to have some time away from them from time to time. My in-laws spoil them pretty good and they love being out there.

So anyway, I realized tonight that I'm old. Not that I don't think about it or haven't ever thought about it before tonight, but it hit me tonight. The wife and I the lovely M, had the evening to ourselves. She met me at work and we headed into town. She had some errands to run so I "tagged" along. Actually she, as she often does, decided that this is what we were doing. After work I had no interest in running errands with her, but you do what you gotta do. So anyway we go into town run to Target, the Hobby Lobby, and TJ Max before heading home for leftovers. Nice night out. The fact of the matter is I really was tired and didn't really feel much like doing anything.

But that's not really what made me think that I'm old. I realized I was old while walking through TJ Max. The wife and I bought a couple of over priced coffee's at Starbucks as we were walking out of Target. Seriously 5 bucks for a freaking cup of coffee? Why? Because I have sucker written on my forehead. But anyway. So she's doing her shopping in TJ Max (looking for something for the kids none the less) and I mention how I've never been in this store before. M says well why don't you take a look around, so I did. As I'm looking around I think back about the old JCPenney's stores that I remember as a kid. I look around TJMax and think this store has a little bit of everything. Which it does. So I'm strolling around TJMax with my work clothes still on (she picked me up right after remember), and my cup of coffee looking at things like dishware and clocks. I'm impressed with the stores large selection of items. Electric razors, toys, glasses, shirts, hats. I mean this place had it all. It's all pretty cheap stuff mind you, but still.

It was at this moment I'm browsing the isles in TJ Max with one hand in my pocket and the other griping my coffee like Sinatra two stepping to a smooth bluesy/jazz beat that I actually saw myself, and realized that I'm old.

Typically I don't think we think we're old. I mean I don't think we ever really feel like we're old people, until maybe when were really old, but in our late thirties we still feel like we are young people and "cool" right?

So now we're home each one of us on a laptop not saying much just killing time before our favorite t.v programs come on. Both of us in our "P.J's" and "in for the night" (my mom's saying, I'm sure I'll get into that at another time). But you know if I'm going to "grow old" I'm glad I have the love of my life with me to do it. And you know, even though it wasn't the most exciting "date" we've ever had, we were together, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.


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  1. Awwww!! What a sweet sentiment!!!-you geezer!!! hahahah Yes, the time has come when we need to realize we are no longer "catalog" people. You know... looking thru the catalogs (Victoria Secret or even Penneys) and realize.... we will NEVER look like that even if we DO buy those clothes!!!