Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carving Pumpkins and Being a Dad

So it's almost Halloween. Fall is here. Hayrides, apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Last night the DW and I took the monsters to the "pumpkin patch" (the local grocery store) and let them pick out a pumpkin. We had been talking about taking them to a real pumpkin patch for the last week or so, but things just got busy with "life" and this really was the only "free time" we had on the horizon. They didn't seem to mind. They each picked out a pumpkin that weighed about as much as they did and we brought 'em home. It was getting late so we promised we would carve them tomorrow (today).

This morning my middle monster creeps into our room at 8 o'clock and whispers "mommy is it time to carve our pumpkins"? See the thing about my monsters is that they don't just ease into the morning, nooooo, they have to hit the ground running. And it only made sense to her that she was up so everybody should be, and it was time to get on with the day. So let's carve them baby's up. 

So carve we did....but later. 

Yesterday I received word that a guy I work with tragically lost his father. So while we were carving our pumpkins I was reminded of my dad. You see I have been extremely blessed with an awesome father. My dad, although rough around the edges most of my childhood, was and is a great dad. Of course I didn't realize when I was growing up how much he (and my mother) sacrificed for us. To be honest while I was growing up I didn't really care (not something I'm proud of). I have wonderful memories of my father and of my childhood and the things we used to do as a family. Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't the easiest child to raise and there were some pretty tough moments as well. But my dad never stopped being my dad. 

So as the days turn into weeks and months and years, I too will continue to be a dad to my monsters. I will go behind them and turn off every light in the house because they don't know how. I will fix the things they break (and yell and complain just like my dad). I will explain why the sky is blue (or at least make something up that sounds believable), and I will "carve the pumpkins". No matter what... because we never know in this life when our time is up....and because my dad has taught me well. 


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