Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

I've never cared for Sunday nights. I can remember as a child Sunday nights in the fall and winter  more than any other day or night. When I say I can remember it I mean I can remember the usual routine on Sunday nights. My dad would sit in his chair and watch football most of the time (now you know where I get it from). And for a long time as a child my parents didn't have cable or anything so we had to watch whatever game was on that week. Which didn't seem to bother him to much. My mother usually would cook a nice big Sunday dinner. Something fried no doubt. My mom's family is from Kentucky so while my mom is a good cook, it wasn't always the healthiest for us. We ate things like fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, fried pork chops with fried taters, ham hocks and beans. You know all the things that could stop a heart from beating at any minute. Don't get me wrong, they were great. Like I said mom's a good cook.  

So Sunday's themselves weren't to bad. My siblings and I would play outside or stay busy in our rooms until dinner, but that night was the worst. After dinner mom would usually clean up the dishes, and dad would go to the living room to finish watching football. Soon after the game I would hear the sound that haunts me still to this day like an Edgar Allen Poe poem Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick...That's right, 60 Minutes was on. My dad loved that show. Not sure but I bet he still watches it. Anyway, naturally I hated that show, and I hated hearing that intro. Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick.Tick. Maybe because that signified that I had to get a bath, finish homework, or basically do nothing for the rest of my weekend because dad was watching this show no matter what.  And you see when dad wanted to watch a show, that's what you watched or you found something to keep yourself occupied and quite. And while I'm sure it wasn't much longer before bed time, it always seemed like a crappy way to end the weekend. I was never a big fan of school so knowing that I had to get up early the next morning didn't help either I'm sure.  As I got older I was lucky enough to have a t.v in my room so I had a few more choices to finish off my weekend but for the most part I always dreaded Sunday night.

You know to this day I do not watch 60 Minutes. In fact, if I even hear the first tick of that show it gets turned over or off. And you know Sunday nights now are not much different. Most of the time my DW makes a great dinner. I watch football while the clowns keep busy (although they have a lot more things to keep them busy than I did) and just like back then, there are a few tasks that need completed before the start of the new week. We get baths, check the school calendar for the upcoming week and make sure there are clean clothes set out for our early Monday morning. The only real difference now is that it's a lot quieter here. No tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick.


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