Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick Or Treat

So the DW and I took the clowns trick-or-treating tonight. It was a good time, except the middle one fell and hurt herself, that was a little bit of a buzz kill. But she got cleaned up and right back out we went. We have the luxury or being able to go to my father-in-law's neighborhood for Halloween. See we live out in the sticks and don't have a neighborhood of our own so every year we go to the DW's father's house. It's sort of become his "holiday".  The DW took some candy with us though because she said she felt guilty with the fact that we trick or treat but don't actually pass any out. So this way her Dad could pass out a little more. 

So speaking of the whole trick-or-treat. Tonight I noticed that there were actually parents driving their kids around from house to house to trick-or-treat. Seriously? What is this crap? It wasn't raining and it actually was a decent night. I think if these kids want to go from house to house "begging" for candy then they should have to put the effort in to it. I mean how lazy is it for your parents to drive you around. You stop in front of a house, get out and demand candy. No way dude. Besides doesn't it make it worth it when you've walked all night in the cold going from house to house to see all that loot at the end of the night, knowing that you've successfully collected enough candy to last you at least four months?

Well so anyway, it was a good time, and I know that they will remember going trick-or-treating on Halloween ( I know I always enjoyed it when I was a kid) and now my clowns have enough candy to last them right up until the stockings are filled for Christmas....No wonder they're always so jacked up.


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