Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Hey Lifers what's up?

Ok so today is April Fool's Day, and an anniversary of sorts for me. It's one of the best stories I'm sure I'll ever tell, it's sort of lengthy, so sit back, get comfy and enjoy.

Now naturally being April Fool's Day, we all try to get someone on a practical joke right? Well last year on this day I was no different.

I returned home from work just like any other day. I hadn't tried any practical jokes on the DW or clowns yet, so I was eager to get my joke on.  My clowns are little and haven't mastered the practical joke just yet as they were trying to get me with things like Dad you got a spider on you, and things like that. So I figured I'd sort wait until the novelty of the day wore off a little. So it was after dinner I believe, and I mentioned to the DW that I was going out to the garage to do a little work.

Now what I obviously hadn't told her was I retrieved some ketchup packets from the refrigerator a little earlier and took them out to the garage with me. It was a nice spring day with the sun shining and we had the house all open, so I knew she would be able to hear me working out there. 

So I'm out in the garage and I start up one of my saws. Again, I know she can hear me. I came inside once or twice to play it off like I was actually doing something out there. Then I pulled off one of my greatest April Fools Jokes ever. I hit the saw a few times, then put the ketchup on my hands. Now I know it's a little childish, but come on it's April Fool's Day right? So anyway, I race inside screaming that I'm hurt and cut my hand.

Now as with any practical joke what ensues afterwards is a lot of apologizing. Mine was no different. After I scared everybody nearly to death, I had to apologize profusely. All the while laughing at how good I got them all.  And of course none of them thought it was very funny.

Ok so that was April 1st, and it was a great joke, but what happened the day after can only be described as the Practical Joke Gods not being pleased. Maybe I took my joke to far and they felt I needed to be smacked around a little.

So the following day, Good Friday, I had the day off. I decided to mow the grass for the first time of the year. We've got a fairly large yard which requires a riding mower. Now I get a few passes in and then it happened. I got myself up into some leaves along the side of our property. Here's sort of the way it went down here at the Palace after that.

I'm about 25 or so yards away from the house. I quickly run up to the house and  into the front door.

Me: Honey call 911 the mower is on fire.
DW: Slowly getting up from her chair at the computer. What?
Me: Somewhat frantic. Call 911 the mower is on fire and it's going to catch the field next to us on fire.
DW: Non believing, Whatever. Pfft. Where?
Slowly she walks to the door to get a look.
DW: OMG the mower is on fire!

Now I might have been ok but it was extremely windy out that day.

 In fact there was a no burn advisory that day because of the strong winds, and it did catch the property next to us on fire.

Now behind all the smoke over there is our neighbors house. 

And this is what was left of my mower.

So this year I think maybe I'll just stick to a simple April Fool's joke, like hey your shoes untied or there's a spider on you. You know something simple like that.


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  1. Definitely a story we'll be telling the grandkids someday - right after "dancie time" (that's an insider reference). :)

  2. Ah, it doesn't look too bad. Just dust it off, put on some new tires, swap out the engine and gas tank, put on a new seat, repaint the rough spots and it will be good as new.

  3. Coffeypot~ You should have seen her burn. Had 2 fire departments out here. She could be seen from miles away.