Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pull Over

Yo Lifers. So I'm on my way home from work today and on the side of the road I see a car with it's blinkers on.
Now I drive nearly all interstate to and from work so to see an abandoned car on the side of the road is not uncommon.

However, today as I passed, I noticed there were people sitting in the grass along the ditch. Immediately my mind races.

It looked like a couple kids over there, and a lady? 
Should I stop? Can't stop now, there's a huge line of traffic behind me. Nice going.
If I stop now they'll surely be pulling the Peterbuilt hood ornament outta my butt later tonight at the hospital.
Crap what should I do? Looks like it could start raining any minute.
I think that car was up on a jack. Maybe tire just blew. It looked like they were waiting on someone. Surely they have a cell phone. I mean, who doesn't have a cell phone now a days right? 
I'm sure they called somebody.
Dang it, I should have stopped back there. If it were my family I would hope somebody would stop.  
Crap, can't turn around on the interstate, I'll have to go up to the next exit. 
Nah, I'm sure they called somebody. I'm just gonna head on home.......
OK coming up on the exit, what should I do????
Fine. I'll turn around up here.

So I get off at the next exit and head back. It's about 3 miles down the road before I find an emergency turn around. I pass them, this time on the other side.   

Good they're still there. I'll just dart into this emergency turn around thingy. Hope I don't see any Po-Po. Better yet, I hope no Po-Po sees me. Sweet. There's a no U-turn sign. I'm so gonna get busted.

I quickly do a u-turn that Michael Knight would have been proud of, and head back to the broken down car.

knight-rider-02 picture by is910 - Photobucket
 Again, my mind wanders.

Should I call the DW and tell her I'm going to be a little late? What if they car jack me or something? No way. They looked fine, right? No worries. Besides it's broad daylight it's not like they're gonna be all Manson Family on me right?

So I catch up to them and pull over. I roll down my window and asked if they needed help. Her response....We're good, we called somebody.


So tell me Lifers. Do you, or have you stopped? Is it safe?


  1. I have in the past in a different age. I wouldn't today.

  2. I remember as a kid, my dad would stop and pick up hitchhikers or to help someone changing their tire. Back then, you didn't have the concerns of today. Nowadays, despite your best intentions, you have to wonder if it's a set up, and they're looking for a victim. You can always use your cell phone and call to report it, and the police can check it out.

  3. You still did the right thing! Except for the U turn....