Friday, April 22, 2011

Me and Mother Nature

Hey Lifers. So every year around this time I drudge outside, find my special spot and attempt to be one with nature. I am alone. Just me and my thoughts. The earth below me, the sky above me. Every year I vow this year will be different. I pray to my God, and explain all the ways in which I failed the last year. I explain all the ways in which I plan to do better, and how this year will be different. And when I am finished, I step back and admire my works like a proud Leonardo Da Vinci  after painting the Mona Lisa.

Today was again that day. Yes Lifers, today I tilled what will become my garden.

See I've gone through this little ritual every year now for the last three or so years. I get all excited in the beginning. I till. I plant. I water. I weed. Eventually I get plants, and actual food. Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Lettuce, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, whatever. Last year I even went with some Sweet Corn. Although that didn't turn out so well.

But the problem is I get tired of the maintenance that comes with a garden, and by late August early September I mow it down and tell the DW I'm not doing a garden next year.

And every year around this time I begin my little cycle all over again. Wish me luck.

On a side note Lifers, you can now follow me on Twitter at JTony20. Yeah I'm not sure what I'm doing over there yet, but follow along anyway. Why not?


So tell me Lifers, do you have a garden? Do you enjoy gardening?

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  1. I do my gardening in the produce section of Kroger's.