Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paging Dr. Smooth, Paging Dr. Smooth...

Hey Lifers what's up?

Ok so today was a pretty busy day at work. We had a big conference and had several different top management representatives from other companies at our plant so we could present some of our business practices and philosophies. This was an all day event that started first thing this morning and didn't end till late in the afternoon. We had lunch catered in, and finished the afternoon with a plant tour and some disscussion.

Now I wasn't a huge part of the overall presentation. My job consisted of the morning meet and greet session, and then I was a tour guide this afternoon. Which makes sense really. I mean anybody who knows me knows that I can talk with the best of them, even if we've never met.

So we had our lunch this afternoon and right after I was taking a group on a brief tour. Now I didn't have to speak much on the tour. I was to take the group from place to place in the plant for another presenter. So anyhow I did my part, spoke briefly, and again we finished up with some closing disscussion. 

Now inbetween the closing  and the end of the tour I went to the Men's room. After finishing my business I went to wash my hands and check my awesomeness in the mirror. And that's when I discovered some left over lunch stuck in my teeth.....Yep I'm as smooth as a baby's butt. Just another typical day in the Life.


So tell me Lifers, you ever had one of these smooth moments?


  1. I hope it wasn't spinach or something green. I am sorry my dear nephew but I think you "moosed" it.

  2. Anonymous...Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. You know I love 'em....As far as Moosing it, I hear they have an award for that I can win?

  3. I know smooth...I was leading a training class and I noticed no one was looking at me while I made the presentation. Heads were down and notes being made. I was rocking the training class.

    On the break I, too, went to check my awesomeness in the bathroom mirror only to see a huge, dry booger hanging from my nose. Thanks everyone for not telling me. After a hammer and chisel to clean off my nose, the class took less notes and looked more at me after the break.

  4. Coffeypot...That is smooth. Yeah nice of them not to tell you right.