Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Would You Do?

Alright Lifers, here's a question for you.

Today at work a few of us were standing around talking, and the subject came up about our boss being on Facebook. I've known that he has an account on Facebook for some time now, but have never friend requested him, and vice-versa. Not because I don't like him or anything. I mean he's an alright guy, and not a bad boss. Now don't get me wrong, there are those days when I'd like to put my pen through his eyeball just to get him to stop talking, but for the most part he's OK. But.. he's my boss.

So anyway, one of the gals in the office made mention that he posted something on FB last night. So I asked her if he friended her, to which she replied he did. Now I initially thought, because I'm a pessimist by nature, why hasn't he friended me? What's wrong? I thought we got along pretty well? I thought we were pals? Is it because of the whole pen in the eye remark, because I may have said that out loud once or twice.

So after I climbed down off the ledge, the question was brought up. What do you do when somebody like your boss friend requests you? What if it's that one guy or girl you didn't get along with in high school. You know the one. But you have so many friends in common. What if they friend request you? I mean come on it's been twenty years. Surely you've both moved on right? Or maybe not. Maybe you're even offended that they would think they could friend you after all you guys went through in school. The fighting, the name calling the sugar in the gas tank...the fighting.

So what do you do. Do you ignore the request and hope they don't ask again, or do you reluctantly accept. What about your boss. How are you gonna vent to the world about your day at work if he's one of your friends?


So tell me Lifers, what do you do? Just so you know, J-Tony has moved on. I would accept the request and say let bygones be bygones.

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  1. Just my opinion ( as my header states ), but I steer clear of co-workers and bosses on social media sites. Too many potential problems.