Monday, April 25, 2011

The Good Stuff

Hey Lifers.

Hope everybody had a fantastic Easter weekend. I know we did. The clowns received more loot then they know what to do with. Of course that's a figure of speech, trust me, they know what to do with candy.

So this past weekend brought us some good food. And by good food I mean good deserts. Now before somebody gets all excited and wants to hang me up by my toenails because of this post, let me first say, my clowns are not deprived of sweets, ice cream, or deserts of any kind.

But I've got a question. Is it wrong for us parents to hold back on the deserts until the clowns go to bed? Now I'm not talking about the Neapolitan ice cream, or Popsicles here. No, I'm talking about the good stuff. You know the good chocolate, or the cake, or the double fudge-peanut butter carmel something-or-other?

Because you know every time you start to open that wrapper, scoop that dip, or cut that piece, the next thing you hear is....can I have some? And let's face it folks, they just don't appreciate the good stuff.


So tell me Lifers, is it wrong to wait till the clowns go to bed before breaking out the good stuff?

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