Thursday, April 14, 2011

Heisman Moment

Ok Lifers, I'd like to take today's post and describe my earliest Heisman Trophy Moment. For those of you who know nothing about college football and or the Heisman Trophy. Let me quickly explain.

The Heisman Trophy, many years ago, was the most coveted award given out to the most outstanding college football player. Young men from all across this great nation strived to be the best , and if they were successful on the field, talented,or even lucky enough they might get voted as the trophys' winner. Their name and accolades for that year would be etched in college football history. So bascially it's the MVP award for college football. I use words as years ago and was, because it seems like today it's more of a popularity contest, but I digress.

Anyway, it's a big award, everybody knows the winner, and it's a special day for that guy. Back to me.

My Heisman Trophy moment came when I was back in the sixth grade...Ahh yes, the sixth grade. This was the beginning of middle school for me. That year our school system decided to make 6th, 7th, and 8th grades our middle school. So for me it was all new. New school, new teachers, new classmates, and new girls.

Now if my memory serves me, this also was the first year that I played organized basketball. I had always loved basketball growing up and played any chance I could. I was a huge 76'ers fan. I remember I actually cried one year when they got beat in the playoffs. I can remember being in my driveway reinacting games, I knew every player, their strengths, their weaknesses, and my favorite player was Dr. J. Remember him? He's the guy on the Dr. Pepper commercials. In fact I was Dr. J.  And when the school try outs for the sixth grade basketball team rolled around guess who signed up?

So here's my first Heisman moment. I say first like there are so many others. Heck this might be my only Heisman moment. Anyway, I made the team, and our very first game I scored 6 points. Why is that a Heisman moment you ask? Because our team only scored That's right baby. I lead the team in scoring. We ended up winning the game something line 12-8. Come on people we were in the 6th grade in a suburban small town. It's not like any of us were Jimmy Chitwood from Hoosiers out there dropping 45 a night.

That week I was king. BMOC, well as big as an 11 year old can be on a sixth grade campus that is. Anyway, I caught wind of one of the cheeleaders liking me. Yeah one of those new girls I mentioned earlier. You bet I circled yes when she passed me the, I like you do you like me note in study hall. I mean after all our basketball team was undefeated and I was Dr. J right?

Well my rock star status didn't last that long. We didn't win another game that year.The cheerleader broke up with me, I'm sure she passed me another note, and I'm not sure if I scored another point the rest of the year.

But hey, I'll always have my one Heisman Moment right?


So tell me Lifers, what's your Heisman Moment. It doesn't have to be sports related, but tell me your story about the one time you were on top. Your one shinning moment.

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  1. I sure do remember Dr. J, since he played for my hometown 76'ers. Sounds like your ex-girlfriend only likes the winners. But heck, who cares about had your Heisman moment and that can never be taken away from you. And that's better than any ex girlfriend.

    As for me, it was a moment in high school wrestling and I wrote about it in a recent post.