Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Communication Breakdown

Hey Lifers, what's up?

So the other day the DW and I were visiting the Evil Empire, we had split up for a little while, and when I returned, I  noticed these little gems in our cart.

Immediately I began to ask questions. And immediately she told me to be quite.

What are these for?
Be quiet.
So...I'm supposed to use these after I go to the bathroom?
Be quiet.
So... what's the toilet paper for then?
Be quiet
Am I supposed to use these instead of toilet paper?
Would you Please be quiet!
I'm confused?

So let me just see if I get this straight. When I was a baby a baby wipe was used on me. As I got to be, oh I don't know say three, I started using toilet paper. And now that I'm a grown man, I need to use baby wipes again? Now look they can call them flushable moist wipes if they want to, but they're still baby wipes.

Later that day we came home with the groceries and realized we didn't have any room in the refrigerator for the new food. The DW began to clean it out. She was elbow deep in throwing away old leftovers, things we had forgotten about, and even some things we had no idea what they were. In her mad fury to clean out the ol' GE side by side, she asked me to hand her the wipes...Who knew she meant the Clorox ones?


Leave me a comment Lifers. You know I gotta have 'em.


  1. Toilet paper is too expensive. I just use the face towels...but don't tell my wife.

  2. Ooooh! That had to cost you. So....what's the special surprise gift this week. I'm guessing a kitkat isn't going to cut it :o)

  3. oh. my. gawd. yeah, kitkat isn't going to cut it this time, buddy.

  4. Daffy~ That's not near as bad as the grief I'm catching after she read the post :)

  5. Coffeypot~ I gotta believe your wife knows at this point....

  6. As a married man, I've learned that sometimes it's best to just keep your mouth shut. They don't always want you to know what's going on. But when you got home, you did what any normal guy would have done. You gave her the wipes, and she had it coming to her.

  7. Flushable wipes, it's sort of like wet tp? I think I'd like that. I'd feel all fresh and clean after I'm finished...well, never mind...

  8. Sandra~ I like the way you think ;)

  9. Matty~ That's what I thought. Thanks for stopping by.