Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gone Fishin'...Yeah Right

Yo Lifers. OK so I'm a little late today, but I sort of made a commitment to put something up here everyday, so here goes.

OK so I've got a question for you all. Let's say I'm out fishing with a buddy. Hypothetically speaking of course, because anybody who knows me knows that I don't go fishing unless I'm made to. But lets just say I'm out fishing with my buddy, we're on the bank, and we've both got lines in the water. All of a sudden I have to go relieve myself. I tell him to keep an eye on my line while I run over to the port-o-potty. Yeah I know, port-o-potty gross right?

Anyway, lets say I'm on my way back and I can hear him hootin' and a hollerin' as he's reeling in some large mouth bass on my pole. Hootin' and hollerin'... Very Jed Clampett of me isn't it?

So he reels in this big ol' fish. Now again, I know very little about fishing, but maybe this fish is the biggest fish either one of us has ever caught.

Now my question is, who gets the credit for catching it? I mean it was my pole, and my bait. Yet he actually reeled it in? Who's wall does this big fatty go on?


Let me know Lifers. Who keeps it and gets to tell the fish story.

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  1. Use the wisdom of Solomon, and the person who should have that trophy fish, will get it.