Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Giveaway

Hey Lifers.

OK so I was feeding my obsession this evening, and it occured to me,  I'm one of those facebook stalkers. I check FB about about every hour to see what everybody else is doing, but rarely do I post anything of my own on there.

So anyway, I'm on FB tonight, and I see  two other Pages where people are having a give away. You know the bit where they say, like page so and so, and you'll be entered in to win a free whatever.

Yeah so this got me thinking about A Day in the Life Facebook page. As of right now we have 68 fans. I am so  happy that there are actually people out there who like the page, and who also enjoy reading the blog.

I want to ask all those who read this to quickly go over to A Day in the Life facebook page, and like it if you haven't already. In the mean time, I'll think about what I'll give away if the page reaches a milestone..Say 100 fans.

So go on over, like the page, and tell your friends.



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