Monday, August 8, 2011

Consumer Report

Hey Lifers...

So a week or so back our coffee maker at the Palace decided to take a crap. Now me being the handyman that I am, I figured I'd tak'er apart and see what's up. Yeah I'm sort of the Schneider of this place.

So I took it apart and thought I had it fixed. Which technically I do. I mean, the purpose of the coffee maker is to make hot coffee right? Which it does. But it sort of shoots hot water up through the reservoir, and you loose about 2 cups during the process, but whatever. It would have been OK, had the DW not been the recipient of said hot water shooting up through the reservoir and on to her foot. Now in my defense, she did have the lid open when this happened. But I digress.

So I learned the other day that I'll be getting a new coffee maker soon. You see my DW has a routine when it comes to buying something new for us that over the course of our almost 10 years of marriage I'm starting to figure out. Yes I said starting to figure out...What can I say she's complicated.

It typically starts with her complaining about said product for a few weeks. Nothing major just the little, this thing stinks, or this is a piece of crap type complaining. That usually morphs into the products kiss of death. This is when she utters the phrase, I loathe it. Like, I loathe this coffee maker.

After a few I loathe this thing, it moves on to the Facebook poll. You know something like, Hey people what type of phone does everybody have? Or what type of car does everybody drive? Does anybody else have Dish T.V. Something like that. 

After she finishes her version of The Consumer Report, this is when I find out what I'm getting. The other day I found out we will be getting a Keurig coffee maker. What can I say, the people have spoken.


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  1. WISE MAN, Jay!! ;-) I am happy to have taken part in that consumer poll. :-)

    You are welcome.

  2. I would like the record to show that I most definitely did NOT have the coffee maker lid open when hot water shot out and onto my foot. The force of the hot water caused the lid to open and allowed water to be projectile-spewed onto my piggies. That might have been the official moment that I loathed that coffee maker.

    I need to get that Keurig ordered...

  3. DW - I got your back on this one. I use the same tactic to get what I want too (minus the hot water on my foot).