Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's not what you say, but how you say it.....

Hey Lifers...

Recently Mini-me has discovered a new way to give me a heart attack. Keep in mind he's five. You see he's figured out that the WAY you tell a story makes all the difference. For instance.

The other day I'm dozing off chillin' in my chair as the clowns are doing whatever it is they do. He pokes me on the arm and says:

Dad there's a grasshopper in the dishwasher.

Frantically I jump up. Now I'm not sure why I was frantic, or why I jumped. I mean it's only a grasshopper right? But none the less. I rush over expecting to find some type of critter in there.We don't live in a neighborhood, so it's not uncommon for bugs or critters to find their way inside. Anyway, I look around...Nothing?

 Where is it? What are you talking about son?

Yeah it was in there yesterday.

The problem is, because the DW and I often pass each other coming and going, it's hard to get a straight answer when my sources are under the age of 10. Like:

Dad the cat got out.

What? I say running toward the doors looking for the cat . Are you kidding me

No really he did.

Mom had to go outside and get him today.

Thank you son.


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  1. Oh that boy knows how to wooooooork you! ;-)

  2. The teenage years are going to be ROUGH! :-)