Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Hey Lifers....

Today is the DW's Birthday...Happy Birthday Baby.

So the clowns and I decided we would go out and get her something for her B-day. We decided we wouldn't tell her where all of us were going, we'd just sort of leave. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she figured that one out.

Now I feel as though since my clowns are still early in their birthday gift giving careers, it's my duty to somewhat steer them towards a gift that the DW would actually like. However, part of me wants to just let them get her whatever they want. But I figured she didn't need any Hot Wheels, baby dolls, or DS games this year.

We get to the Evil Empire and one of them decided that she needed some new jewelry, because she doesn't have much. Hey, I was just surprised they were actually thinking of items she would want. So we head over to the jewelry. Now because nothing is too expensive for my girl, we hit to the costume jewelry. They start out with necklaces. The oldest wanted to get her a peacock necklace. Turns out that was a little more for her than for mom, and everything the boy saw he claimed, this looks like something Aunt T would wear. She's very fashionable you know.

So after a bathroom break. Did you think we would get in and out without one? I tried to talk them into getting her some make-up, or some nail polish. The girls were on board as long as I kept the peacock necklace in mind for the oldests' next birthday.

But the Boy. No such luck. The boy had picked out a long necklace that had some pearls and gold chain wrapped together. He was dead set on getting this for her. He was sure she'd love it. 

The girls finally settled on some lipsticks. I got her a camera in case you're wondering. We grabbed some cards, and made our way back home. We dashed inside and began wrapping them. I let each of them wrap their own gift, it wasn't pretty but it was from them.

This morning we awoke around 7:30. I tried to keep them as quite as possibly until she woke up. About an hour later she got up and we gave her our gifts. The clowns were happy and excited to give her the gifts they were just sure she'd love. And of course she does.



  1. How sweet of you to take the kids shopping for their mom. I think it means more to them when they pick it out themselves. Hope Miranda has a wonderful birthday. I remember some of my gifts that the boys picked out for me. They were some of my favorite gifts.

  2. She loves them all. And loves that her DH took the time to take them shopping for mommy.

  3. I, personally, would love a birthday like that! Last year was the first year Bud bought me a Christmas present all by himself (his school runs a "store" where everything costs a quarter so the kids can buy the items themselves) and I can't even tell you how much that broken snowman spoon rest means to me!

    Way to go dad in fostering good gift giving habits!