Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey Lifers...

Now I know most of you that live here have by now seen the video and heard the stories, but for those who don't live around here, just wanted to share this.

This is the video of a tragic scene at the Indiana State Fair. There was to be a Sugarland Concert this past Saturday night. Storms rolled in right after the opening act and before Sugarland performed.

I believe there have been 5 confirmed deaths, with many more taken to the hospital.



  1. I saw a few posts of this on Facebook....but I hadn't seen this video. Wow, that is just so tragic and sad. :-( Imagine going to a concert to have a good time and that happens? :-(

  2. Justin was at the concert with a friend and her sister. He said what a helpless feeling that was sitting there watching it collapse. He said people were going crazy after it happened. Thoughts and prayers to the families of the ones that lost their life and to the injured.