Monday, August 29, 2011

Table for Five Please

Hey Lifers...

So today I'm giving my review of a Historic Indiana Landmark, Zaharakos (Zuh-HARE-uh-koes). This historic ice cream parlor has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, "Everything Old is New Again", and can be found downtown Columbus Indiana. 

We visited the parlor on Sunday afternoon hoping to grab some lunch and enjoy the atmosphere of an old time ice cream parlor before heading up to Indy.  Among other things, Zaharakos has a wide variety of soda fountain drinks with all different flavors. I had a Vanilla Coke. The girls had some sort of Orange something, while the boy had a Green River thingy. The DW got a diet.

When we walked in it felt like like we had just completed a quantum leap. The atmosphere was great. Just like an old time diner. There were soda fountains along the wall, music playing in the background, and people sitting and eating lunch at the counter. 

Our hostess took us to our table which only seated four. See the problem with that is, there are five of us. When the DW asked if we could be moved we were told no. That other tables were reserved, and for some reason we couldn't push two tables together.

At this point my DW must have been delusional with hunger, because this is where she usually grabs somebody by the shirt and slaps them silly until she gets them to listen to her. But on this day she just politely sat down while they brought another chair to accommodate our party of five.

So we put in our order and listened to the organ all the while being squished, sitting elbow to elbow.

 The kitchen seemed to be pretty slow, but not so slow that we had to start eating the young. I ordered the homestyle hamburger with a cup of chili.

The flavor of my hamburger was actually pretty good, but I'm not sure it was beef. It just didn't have the texture of ground beef. Now maybe it was but to me it seemed a little chewier than beef.

I also had a cup of chili that Mini-me shared. It tasted a little like Steak n Shake chili to me. There wasn't a lot of flavor to it and it was greasy. The boy really liked it though. I'm assuming that's because it was just tomatoe sauce and meat. It did have big chunks of beans and tomatoes, which I'm not a big fan of the chunks, and I like my chili to be a little spicier, but it wasn't terrible just bland.

Now I'll spare you all the details of the rest of our meal, but all in all the food was not worth the price. It's soups, salads, and sandwiches, not steaks and lobster. The seating is terrible especially if you have a larger family. You're actually paying for the atmosphere and the Historic experience.  If I were you I'd skip the meal and just try the deserts.


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  1. We have taken the girls there before. I think it is highly over rated and over priced. The atmosphere is nice but that is about it.