Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Office Spicoli

Hey Lifers...

So if you're a regular follower of A Day in the Life, and quite frankly I'm not sure why you wouldn't be, then you know that recently I changed jobs at work.

Now as with my old position, I still have opportunities to go to new places and meet new people along the way. And the other day I met a salesman from upstate New York.

So this gentlemen comes in and we meet. He goes through his presentation, we have some pleasant conversation, and soon he departs. No big deal, nothing out of the ordinary.

Today after I took some benadryl and am starting to see little green dots.

Why did I take benadryl at work first thing in the morn' you ask?

Because I don't have a goat.

In other words, last night I had to mow my stupid grass. So naturally this morning I woke up with my throat sore, my nose on fire, and my eyes have shut. Plus I figured I'd drink lots of coffee so it would sort of counter the drowsiness.

So I go get some more coffee and decide to stagger toward my mailbox. Oh yeah did I mention that medicine has a dramatic effect on me. I don't like to take medicine and don't normally. Usually if I take something it sort of gives me that medicine head-in-a-fog feeling. So today's benadryl, chased with coffee shooters, sort of had me walking around the office like Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Anyway, when I get to my mailbox, I notice there's an envelope in it. I pick it up and head back to my desk.

Publishers Clearinghouse perhaps???

No such luck.

I opened it up to find this little Thank You note inside.

It's a hand written thank you note.

 Not a rubber stamp, not something typed in Word, and didn't look like a women's hand writing. He actually took the time to write me a personal Thank You. Just a little something from the heart to say: Thanks for meeting with me. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me. Thanks for thinking about doing business with my company.

I thought, who does that in today's corporate world? Who takes the time to hand write a thank you note. Hand address the envelope, lick a stamp and send it through the post office.

Then I thought, Eh, I've got work to do and tossed 'er in the trash.

C'mon I told you I was on meds.


  1. Hand written thank you note? That is impressive these days!
    I know how you feel about the Benadryl - ugh.

  2. *snort* You may have tossed it but it made an impression even while high!

    Benadryl shots are awesome heh

  3. That's pretty amazing! I admit, I would have opted for an email but a hand-written note is a nice touch! So...did you go with his company?