Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could I be Sued for this??

Hey Lifers...

Oh no. I could be in trouble. So I read this article today about a mother who is being sued by her children for bad paranting.

The jist of the article is that her children are grown and they are sueing her because of the things she did, or didn't do when they were growing up.

Now these kids in the article are a little extream, but it did make me think about my own parenting skills. So I've taken note of a few things that I've done since becoming a parent that in the end could get me 15 to life  if my clowns ever decide to sue.

1. Every once in awhile the DW will buy water jugs and bottles at the store. You know the Natural Spring Water. Yeah I refill 'em with fresh tap water and put 'em back in the fridge. They never know the difference.

2. I always give my clowns the cinnamon rolls on the outside leaving the middle one for myself.  What??? It doesn't have a hard edge.

3. I throw away McDonalds Happy Meal toys. Sometimes before they're even opened.

4. I've been known to tell them a t.v show isn't on without looking so I wouldn't have to listen to them beg to watch it.

5. I purposly wait until they're in bed before I eat ice cream.

6. They've been known to stay up late on the weekend so they'll sleep later in the morning.

7. I eat the Reese's Peanut Butter cups from their Halloween candy...And Easter baskets.... And Stockings.

Yeah, I could be in trouble....


Leave me a comment Lifers....


  1. Oh my gosh if all of these things are a crime then I'll be serving time with you, Jay!!!! Hilarious stuff though. :-)

  2. #2, #5, #7 - I'm guilty. Apparently I have a problem sneaking the best sweets from my kid. Of course, they grow old and wise and learn to grab that center cinnamon roll before you can get it... Just a warning. :)

  3. HOLY FRICKIN GOD! Are you serious! I think the mother should be sued for NOT slapping those bratty little fu... children.

    And yeah, I'd be locked up today if Bud had any say. He didn't get to play with the iPod this morning because he wasn't behaving. I'll make sure he never reads that article!