Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is why you shouldn't text and drive

Hey Lifers...

So over the years the DW and I have had... lets say... our differences, regarding the cleanliness of our vehicles.

And when I say differences I mean, I like to have mine clean, and she doesn't.

Well, it's not that she doesn't like to have van clean, she just doesn't like to do it herself, and in all fairness, I'm not a clean freak about my car, I just like to keep the inside free of trash.

Now through the years, I've given her plenty of crap about her van being a mess, and yesterday was no different.

I'm taking the clowns, ninjas to karate practice and her van is a mess. I'm talking grease fire here. I won't go into details, but Oscar called and said he wanted his trash can back.

So on our way I noticed that she left a gallon of milk in the van from her earlier trip to the store. So I text her.

Let me just say that before you send a text that reads:

Hey dork you left a gallon of milk in your not fit to sit in dirty stinky ASS van.

You make sure you send it to the correct person......and for crying out loud don't send it to your mom.

Nuff said......


Tell me Lifers...You ever sent a text to the wrong person that you wish you hadn't?

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  1. hehehehehehe! Just hehehehehehe! That's all I got! hehehehehehehehehe!

    (P.S. I like your new background picture.)