Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Phone...

Hey Lifers...

OK so the DW and I got new cell phones yesterday. You know there really is nothing like getting a new smart phone to make you feel stupid.

So if you've followed along here you pretty much know how things work around the Palace. If you haven't followed along let me explain.

See, I've said it before, my DW has a way of complaining about something in stages. First it's the occasional complaint. This fill in the blank doesn't work, or this blah, blah, blah sucks. At first is subtle and just every once in awhile. Just a little seed she's planted.

Before too long she's taken that little seed and made it grow into a strong complaint vine with deep roots. It becomes an everyday complaint that my double takin' jive can't penetrate regardless of my wisdom or antidotes. Because usually I'll try to help her fix the situation. You know by offering suggestions, or alternatives. I know, I know. I can take my suggestions and shove 'em. She doesn't want to fix this one. She wants a Neeewww one.

Next comes the final complaining stage. This I call the Loathe stage. Once the DW says she Loathes something, it means she's done with it. She's polled facebook, and we'll soon get a new one. No matter what it is. Period. And after she dropped her Blackberry on the floor last week and cracked the screen, she'd reached the Loathe stage.

Now knowing this you'd think that I would prepare better. After all, I know this stage, and I know she's going to ask me what kind I want.

What kind of coffee maker should we get? I dunno.
What kind of phone do you want? I dunno.

Both of these are legit questions to which I really didn't know, and truth be told, don't care. Mostly because I know she's going to get whatever she wants anyway.

In her defense, last week she calls me at work and says, what kind of phone do you want?
I thought we couldn't upgrade until December?
Well I talked to the lady Debbie at Verizon and she agreed to let us go ahead and upgrade now. I'm looking on line now, what kind do you want?
I don't know. Whatever. Just get me whatever you get. That's fine.

So we ended up getting the Droid 3. Of course I haven't figured it out yet, but so far it's a pretty cool phone and I think I like it much better than the BB we had.

Here's what the new phone looks like.

So tell me Lifers..What type of phone do you have, and do you like it?

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  1. My husband and I refuse to give in and pay $30 extra bucks a month for the data package to have a smart phone. Therefore, I am stuck with my "feature" phone until my kids graduate college, or until they lower the price. Sooo...not until my kids graduate.

    But very cool that you got a Droid. I've only heard good things about it. May I live vicariously through you?