Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Japan Pictures...

Ok so here are a few pictures I took while on my trip to Japan. I've got lots more, but my computer is slow and takes forever to download these pics. I'll post more soon. I apologize I know some of these suck but what can I say, I'm not the photographer in the family. 
This is some of the food we had on our first night out with out Japanese Members. They call it a Lunchable. There is 4 different fish types in the box. The meat on the right is "beef".....I think
Tokyo at night we were on the other side of the Japan river looking back at the city
This is the raw squid I ate. It was in some sort of marinade. It didn't taste bad, but was like eating a rubber hose.
There were only 6 of the 13 of us that went to Tokyo. This is outside one of the famous Temples there.
They have vending machines all over the place in Japan, and the amazing thing is that they all work. They also dispense hot and cold drinks. Cold drinks on the top and hot coffee and tea on the bottom.

Here is one of the cans of coffee. It actually comes out of the machine hot. On the right is the Tokyo Bridge at Night.


  1. Vending machines that work? What is this you speak of? ;-) Cool pictures. Kudos for trying the squid.

  2. love your pictures, and stories. i would love to visit japan. My sister in law is Japanese and everyone goes with them back to visit Japan, but us...too many kids here yet..someday!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. Wow! Hot and cold and doesn't steal your money?! What about your soul?

    Great photos! Except for the raw squid?! Blech

  4. They serve hot coffee in an aluminum can? Did you have oven mitts handy?

    Great pictures!

    But seriously dude, ick on the squid!! Just ick!!!