Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy new year Lifers.

Yeah, yeah I know I'm late, so what. Something happened to me while on my way to being ordinary-dad-who-becomes-famous-because-of-his-awesome-blog. Real life got in the way. Well, that and the fact that I don't have an awesome blog, but these are minor details.

So because I know you're just dying to know, I'll give you the cliff notes version of some of the posts I didn't publish over the past month or so. Here goes.

Lance Armstrong is a douche. Yeah I've thought about this one for awhile. I know there are those who say the ends justify the means, but c'mon. Not only did he cheat and benefit from it for years, but he trashed people along the way. Crushed and ruined people. And why now make a public statement after years of lying? Why? Once again for his own benefit. I say he's a douche.

On another note. My beloved Notre Dame Fightin' Irish got throttled in the college football championship game back at the first of the year. C'mon ND. I waited 25 years for that? Well I guess on the bright side, at least they made it to the championship, and their future does looks bright. So I'll take it.

Speaking of Notre Dame, did you hear about the player who had an imaginary girlfriend? Hey here's an idea, how about you prepare for a championship game instead of making up stories of hot chicks wanting you.

Speaking of hot chicks, the DW bought a new t.v recently. I say she bought it because she did all the leg work. We'd needed one for a while but I just didn't want to spend the money. Yeah that's right, I'm a tight ass. Besides it still worked, sort of. I guess a lady can only watch McDreamy for so long on a crappy t.v before she snaps. So we joined the 21st century and purchased a big 'ol flat screen.

Speaking of joining the club, I've discovered Pinterest. Now I know its mainly a site for you chicks to share recipes, or cleaning secrets, and talk about how to get that flat tummy, which is overrated by the way, but there's also some awesome do it yourself projects on there that I think are pretty cool. And besides, who knew you could make chalk board paint? 

Speaking of who knew. Who knew that signing up to help your kids basketball team would lead you to being the coach. The only coach. But apparently in a church basketball league it does. So yep you guessed it, this guy is now coaching his son's basketball team. Just call me Buttermaker.

And there you have the last month or so of A Day in the Life.



  1. I like that Armstrong had the ball to confess, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a cheating, lying, egotist who only came out because HE wanted to compete again. He is a DOUCHE.

  2. Always volunteer to "help" cautiously - and last, after someone else has volunteered to lead the thing (whatever it is). This is a lesson I have learned the hard way. :)

    Lance is a douche. And why does the national media care so much about the make believe girlfriend. WHO CARES?!

    Sorry about ND. That was a bummer.

  3. That was a quite, conscise, to the point wrap up. I LOVED IT! That's not to say I normally think you long winded. It was just short and to the point. Heh Moving on...

    Lance is a douche. A HUGE one. That ND game was horrid. I had to stop watching. I have no comment on the fake girlfriend thing. I'm still not sure what I do and do not believe with that.

    I bought the fancy tv but I never watch it. Go figure. Pinterest is the best!! you'll love it!