Monday, May 20, 2013

Fast Forward...

Well as usual I've been blogging like crazy lately. Let's see, I blogged about growing some stones, my grandparents, and it being that time of the month. I blogged about faith, being a baseball coach, and George Costanza. But since I haven't published anything in forever, you missed out on all the cool ish going on inside my head. So let me recap.

Growing some stones

I'm to nice. It's not like I let people walk all over me, but most of the time, I bite my tongue and don't say what I really want to. Only to later wish I had. In short, I need to grow some stones.  I need to be more assertive and not let people dictate my actions.

My Grandparents

I didn't really know any of my grandparents growing up, and they passed before I had a chance to get to really know them. I'm glad my clowns have awesome grandparents. My parents, as well as my DW's, are awesome for and with our clowns, and I'm so grateful for them. I hope my clowns appreciate it. 

Time of the month

The other day while passing my cubical, a lady co-worker suddenly stops in her tracks and shouts, does anyone have any chocolate? Seriously lady? Hey why don't you just wear a t-shirt with a cool iron-on that says Bleeding Vag Coming Soon. C'mon man.


I struggle to post anything about my faith, or lack there of, but I find myself blogging about it frequently. I ask a lot of questions. I pose what if scenarios. I never post them though. Maybe deep down I don't want to know the answers? I don't know, maybe it's therapeutic just getting my thoughts out.

Being a Coach

I've learned that I love being a coach. I'm proud of the kids when they play well. I'm happy for my team when we win, and it hurts deeply when we loose. I find myself thinking about individual kids and how to help them get better. More importantly I enjoy teaching them life lessons through sports. I remember every coach I ever had throughout my childhood, and one in particular stands out from the rest. I want to be that coach to some kid.

George Costanza

Daily something happens in my life that I relate to the 90's t.v show Seinfeld. You know the show about nothing. About a month or so ago I stumbled upon the executive bathroom at work. I'm sure you know where this is going. It's clean, well lit, has a full length mirror, and did I mention it's clean. So anyway, there's no rules in the employee handbook that says pee-ons like me can't use that bathroom, I know, I checked. So now I use it all the time. What's the worse that can happen, right? 

So there you have all my latest unpublished posts in a nut shell.



  1. You know me, man, I freaking (I'll be nice on your blog) love that t-shirt...Bleeding Vag Coming Soon. I got a good chuckle out of that one.

  2. I would wear that shirt. I'd also scream out for chocolate, so either option works well with me. :-)

    You know what, I think you grew some stones by the end of that post. Someone without stones would not be using the executive bathroom. Way to stick to your convictions! :-)

  3. Executive bathroom, wow. With no rules against it, I'd probably use it, too.

    I am always guilty of biting my tongue and then wishing after the fact that I'd said something. I often chide myself that I need to be confident in myself and speak up!