Saturday, March 8, 2014

Just Random Stuff...

With three ipods, an ipad, and two iphones, this is more precious than gold around this house.

Everybody always needs to charge something, and of course there are never enough chords to go around. This is a daily if not hourly struggle. Some is always "looking" for a charger or cube.

Last Friday night my youngest daughter had her first sleep over with someone not family. I won't lie it was a little hard for us to let her go. Especially when we pulled into the driveway and saw this.

Yes, that's a Rooster. There were several chickens running around the yard as well. Yeah.......

Last week after basketball games we went over to our neighboring town and let the clowns run around in this indoor play place.

We followed that up with a little ice cream for dinner. This was the boy's banana split that was about as big as his head.

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  1. Oh my, that banana split! If I wasn't craving something sweet right now, maybe I wouldn't be drooling so much. :)